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  1. A recent "Catch and release" mount I finished for a client
  2. My furnace went out last week. Had to install a new one. No fun on the wallet......
  3. I did strip one side. I can reduce the number of turns and thin out the throat hackle also.
  4. First one with materials I had on hand
  5. I currently use Uni 8/0 but was looking for something smaller. What are some smaller threads you use?
  6. I have whiting, brahma, Herbert/miner and coq de Leon hen. Whiting has the smallest feathers with the Herbert/miner not far behind. My CDL and Brahma necks are shorter but can tie small flies also.
  7. Whiting hen necks. I really like the CDL speckled ones.
  8. So is it just a loop wing emerger? Not seeing why it wouldn't be an easy tie. Maybe I'm missing something? It is a very nice looking fly though.
  9. You can wash and dry the feathers before you pin. I would only wash if the feathers are very dirty. Yes, skin facing out. I have used borax as a bird skin preservative for 35 years.
  10. Remove ALL meat and fat, including all wing bones/meat. Rub with borax and pin it open skin side up on cardboard to dry.
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