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  1. After getting burned in the Carp swap this sounds like fun but all my stuff is packed up for a basement renovation. Would love to see the submissions though. This could get interesting!
  2. Eastern, they are Trout Beads. Most people use them as egg patterns but they make really good spacers on large flies. They come in a couple dozen colors and I got those at Sportsmans Warehouse. I think they were $3.99 for 50.
  3. I need an address too. I will not be including return postage please donate all flies that were to come to me to our young tier. Heaven knows I don't need a dozen more nymphs. I have plenty and am capable of tying more if needed! This has been a fun one!
  4. If Brassies are acceptable I'll join.
  5. Mine are double bead nymphs and large adults from Orem Utah.
  6. Mine are in the mail. You should see them Tuesday or Wednesday.
  7. Mine are in the mail. They should be there Tuesday or Wednesday.
  8. Contact Silvercreek here on the board and he will get back to you.
  9. I already posted about his resin on another thread but Silvercreek does have the best product. I've been using it more and more over the last week and it will do just about anything. You can use it thin, or just two coats will build up nicely. I just wish it was a little more accessible, as in available locally!
  10. If I know there may be a chance I will be using anything that will hold water, I either line up if the rod can take it or plan on taking a heavier rod/reel/line combo. Nothing like being on the river when they are taking big meat and only having a 4 or 5 weight.
  11. I used to buy the thin skin scud back and other products but now I like to use the anti static bags that computer parts come in. It is a flashy gray color and I can cut it to any shape I like. Hit it with your permanent markers and you have just about any color. I use it for wing cases too. Never talked to any fish that could tell me they knew I had substituted it.
  12. I prefer the rabbit strip with an orange brass bead. Easy to tie and the browns here love them. Good luck with the steelhead!
  13. Also check out Cheech's patterns. I've been on a Cheech kick lately and that guy can tie some awesome patterns. The Mongrel Meat is my current addiction.
  14. I love Galloups streamers. It is sometimes hard to find everything in the exact color or style. I just improvise. If it calls for arctic fox in tan and I only have rabbit or marabou I just use what I have. My point is, if I make a simple substitution the fish isn't going to know. It is faster, cheaper and easier to tie with what I have than worry about it being 100% correct. To answer your other question, yes his bugs are awesome.
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