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  1. hi everybody,recieved the flies from the swop today,great set,many thanks regards welshtyer
  2. hi guys,recieved mine today,great set of flies ,many thanks welshtyer
  3. hi guys ,i'm in if theres a place for me ,will need some advice on patterns because we dontt have those in the uk as far as i know cheers welshtyer
  4. hi ,mine are packed and ready but i haven't had an address to send them to,have emailed but no reply as yet
  5. hi guys,mine are ready will post them tomorrow regards welshtyer
  6. hi look forward to receiving them ,will forward roy's to him when they arrrive regards welshtyer
  7. hi ,you can adjust the length this way----- ,when you make the loop for the knot [the way you have said] put a neddle [bodkin] in the loop and move it along by doing this you can adjust the knot placement before you tighten it ,it does take a bit of prctice and patience welshtyer
  8. hi i'm in if theres room,let me know what patterns/size welshtyer
  9. hi swe,try jens pillgard in denmark would be easier for shipping to you ,he has really nice materials and is reasonably on price ,his web address is www.flytying.dk regards welshtyer
  10. hi kingfisher ,i was wondering why i hadnt heard any thing after sending the flies off,obviously the problems you are having are not your fault,we some times get the same problems wih the post over here also, dont worry about the postage as i wont go bankrupt over it ,the real shame are the flies but looks like we have to put it down to experience. best regards welshtyer
  11. hi moskito,i will need your address to send roys and my flies to many thanks welshtyer
  12. hi guys,room for 1 more? let me know welshtyer
  13. hi guys, you want to see what we pay in the uk for materials then you would complain,i've just returned from my trip to the us and stocked up before coming back,one of the other guys bought an extra suitecase and filled it up
  14. hi everybody,have returned from over the pond ,i haven't decided on a pattern yet but will let you know closer to the date,will be posting mine to europe ,maybe with roy's flies if we can set it up.
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