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  1. wow that sucks and im truly sorry sounds like you need some fishing.
  2. i bought a starter kit and that was helpful. the vise did not last quite so long but it got me in the right direction. after the vise went i knew that i enjoyed tying and bought a nicer one. for information on tying the best thing i found was youtube. lots of people have posted videos up on how to tie. i foud learning how to tie was not very hard at all. i have only been tying for 2 years and still have lots to learn. but my boxes are full of my own flies and do quite well with them. its alot easier learning to tie then say learning how to play an instrument. good luck and i hope that one day you will enjoy tying as much as we do
  3. ya i got a kayak this year so im so excited for the spring. i want to get into the 20 pounder club this year. the big one was around 15 so im almost there. great fish for the fly rod. i dont have musky in the province but heard they can be as tough as a steelhead.
  4. here are some pics of some of some trout and pike. thanks for looking.
  5. any trout is a good trout for me as long as it bites. but the bull trout are deffinatly one of the most exciting. especially when there latched on to a whitefish.
  6. think i might have to join voodoo on that one. nice tie
  7. ya it was a great pink year. i have a rule on the vedder that i have to park two kilometres away from the river before i can fish. keeps my nose from getting bloody from all the spin fisherman that get pissed when you have to chase after your fish.
  8. thank you everyone. the trip was amazing twenty fish a day. all fish were released to finish there spawning act
  9. so my first post hopefully it all worked out plz enjoy.
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