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  1. Thanks everyone. In less than 24 h I have 6 replies. I appreciate all the suggestions, I can tell I am going to be here a lot And no I have no buget( kind of whatever it takes to get started)
  2. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on a Cabelas flytying kit. Anyone have one? Or have any other suggestions for a novice? I am just looking for a starter set. They also have a material starter set with tools is this a good way to get started? For example Cabela's
  3. Just bought a flytying mag and found this web site in it. I have never tyed a fly and i have never gone fly fishing. I as of yet have no flytying equipment but am looking to get into the hobby. I really think they are works of art, plus u can catch fish whith them what could be better. Anyways looking forwards to learning a lot. Thanks Kona
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