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  1. You might also want to try schlappen and guinea fowl.
  2. Ummm... kinda like going out on a lot of dates and not... never mind.
  3. A good thought Henry! Here's my cutter, about $2 to make: Its also good to make slits in foam pads to make a DIY C&F style fly box.
  4. Hmmm too complicated From the nymph master himself, Frank Sawyer: The Killer Bug Tying Instructions
  5. I think, that most nymphs are functionally equivalent to a bit of lint wrapped around a hook. The only problem is aquiring the confidence to fish with a bit of lint. The strange thing is, I've happily fished nymphs that have been chewed up by 10 fish and look like a soggy blob.
  6. I'll just like to add that "impressionistic" does not imply "buggy". Chironomid patterns like epoxy buzzers are a good example.
  7. I prefer boot foots myself. They don't provide the support of stocking foots and hiking boots but they allow better circulation to overcome sweaty feet. Sweaty feet are cold feet in the winter and stinky feet in the summer.
  8. Doh! Last time I was at the fabric store I bought 12 sq ft of vellux (it's furry foam) and completely missed the ultra suede! Thanks for the tip.
  9. There's some ultra deadly patterns you can make with chamois and I guess ultra-suede too. I got my lifetime supply in one shot at the auto store. It appears you can use this stuff to buff cars... imagine! I got real chamois but ultra-suede I believe is the fake stuff. Oh btw, the stuff comes in a sheet and you have to cut the shape yourself but that's kinda in the spirit of fly tying I believe
  10. Good looking fly! I've got 5+ plano compartment boxes of beads! They make the most effective flys I have ever used... and the big secret is that you don't really need that feather stuff
  11. There may be legality in glue, beads, weighted flys etc, but no morality nor ethics. Fly fishing only areas are a scarlet stain on fly fishers as a whole and I hang my head in shame by association. I spent over 20 years hemming and hawing on whether I should fly fish simply because of this snobbish elitism. It was only after the birth of my first child and numerous diaper changes that I was able to deal with this. For fisheries management purposes, I have no issue with catch & release, single barbless hooks and no organic bait. This enables all tax and license paying citizens the right to fish with no bias nor discrimination.
  12. Of course, a realistic fly should appear realistic to the fish yet one wonders just how selective they are given the numerous patterns that exist for any one insect. Whether a fly is realistic or impressionistic, if it is good at catching fish then it can become bad if it is overexposed. I've yet to come across a pattern that can repeatedly catch the same group of fish over and over again. A realistic pattern may do well initially if other anglers are using impressionistic patterns or a realistic that is not similar. But I'll hazard to guess that the primary reason for success is the novelty. Many times I've switched to a bigger, more impressionistic pattern and done well, better than the anglers who have switched to smaller, realistic immitations.
  13. Oh btw, yes, buy the cheap hackles with lots of those "useless" fluffy barbs at the base. They make great tails for micro-buggers sized #12 and smaller. They are among my favourites!
  14. Ya, a neat woolly bugger is an abomination. I like the webby hen saddles and even include some of those fluffy base barbs.
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