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  1. That's a nice gallery Shaq - having named references for each insect is good... I noticed the Hipwader site put another set of pictures up that are pretty sweet again. Hipwader Bugs - some of the best I've seen. Thanks for all the replies! Penderman
  2. Wow, some of you guys have a pretty detailed approach to this - thanks for the response! I find I'm more into tying up impressionistic flies rather than exact imitations - but I've been trying to find some photos to help with proportions/colour etc... Tommy - I've read a bit about the borger system. Do you write everything down or do you take a photo of the match along with the measurement? I always take bugs home with me - just not intentionally. My wife will ask me who my new friend is and often pick something off my shoulder or hat when I get in Thanks for the link Graham... I found another one today with some cool bug pictures: Hipwader Bug Pics - They seem to have some amazing bug pics; worth checking out. Does anyone else have some cool picture links? - penderman
  3. Hey all - I've been lurking for a little while now. I'm very impressed with the knowledge being shared in a variety of topics. Hopefully I can contribute soon. I was wondering if you guys use photos of naturals as reference for tying your imitations. During the winter months here I'm finding it hard to remember the exacts for colouration etc. of the naturals. If so where do you find your pics? Or do you take them yourself? I have been looking around and found troutnut.com - that's a pretty sweet site. The pics are good content-wise but not so great in quality. Shooting underwater must have an impact on that though.. I'm looking more for emergers or adult mayflies/caddis. Penderman
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