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  1. Damn... I got stuck installing the GPS... :wallbash: I honestly don't have the patience for tying the really complicated ones... (Damn teenage hormonal attention span lapses...) :nopity: Just don't get TOO lazy and just glue frogs and bugs to the hook... Nothings worse than getting a box of dead bugs in the mail. (And I have. Nothing smells worse than a box full of half-dead crickets to feed to my lizards. :sick: )
  2. And it would still take me three hours to tie! Great job, Fred! Please, share more! :serenade:
  3. All I can think of is Robert Duvall and Michael Caine in "Secondhand Lions". And I recently bought a book called, "100 Weird Ways to Catch Fish", which basically shows weird ways people have caught fish all over the world. The problem is, this book seems to teach people how to do this and other dangerous techniques (I believe someone else summed it up with, "Can you say ricochet?"). Did you know you aren't supposed to shoot the fish? You shoot underneath, and the concussion ruptures the fish's gas bladder, and the fish basically can't swim any more. They go in depth on pike hunting. And by the way, I only read that, I do not act on everything I read in a book. :innocent: Not what I consider ethical sportsmanship... But I really can't do much...
  4. I think I found that site. It says about $5 for 50. The guard hairs are a bit more expensive, about $50 for an unknown amount. Oh well, I wasn't really planning on selling them.
  5. Whoa! They're that expensive! But I suppose. They are hollow, so a lot of them weighs every little.
  6. How can I use them? I found a section of porcupine hide (IDK how it ended up in a small town, but it works for me), and I would like to know how I can use them. I would say that you could usee them for legs in certain patterns, but I'm not sure.
  7. I saw something like this on America's Funniest Home Videos. Except the tarpon grabbed the lady, let go, and she lost her balance and fell in the water, lol. :hyst:
  8. That is an awesome start! I might try to refine that idea. Weight it so it suspends, and use pink dyed hair so it looks like a baby "pinky" mouse. Just an idea.
  9. Hey, Pike Hunter! Where is St. Michael in MN? Is it by the cities? I am also in Minnesota. I mostly use Wooly buggers for Smallies, since it kind can be taken as anything in a lake, whether a nymph, crayfish, or baitfish. But a good pattern that represents something meaty in a pond is a Mrs. Simpson (at least I think that is what it is called). Works well on Lake Vermillion up here.
  10. Oh, do you still have my leopard gecko fly? I would really like to buy that, since it is modeled after my lizard.
  11. Yeah, thank god it was the modernized version. I would never wear tights. That would just be humiliating to have to walk around school after it.
  12. If you can't tell, in the last picture, I am the one posing in the middle.
  13. Play Pictures By the way, I am the guy in the gray shirt with a purple tie. Some of these aren't great pictures of me, but you can be the judges.
  14. Well, I just put up a link to our play's pictures. SOme of you said you wanted pictures, but I don't know if you are joking. But I might as well share it. Link is in the lodge.
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