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  1. Hi All, I am not exactly sure if I am part of this swap because my name is not on the list and I know I signed up. I do have flies done but I am not queit sure if I am in. Thanks Charlie
  2. Hi All Is Head Cement the Same as thin CA glue? Thanks Charlie
  3. Thanks for all the kind remarks. The base is awesome. It actually is made from spalted birch and it has a cork base to stop it from sliding( not a cover) The pen is 60 dollars My dad is actually a custom cabinet builder by trade and he is starting fly flishing line of furniture. ( he makes desks, bookcases,etc.) Charlie
  4. we look forward to hearing from you rocky. I will see if has heard of that company thanks Charlie ps this is his website www.pensbydaniel.com
  5. these are his favorite thing to turn at the moment. Charlie
  6. Thanks for all the kind replies My bro said they would be 15 dollars plus shipping or 4 for 50 dollars Also my bro made me this for christmas. This pen is all hand inlayed. Not bad!! He is only 13 Charlie
  7. Hey all I have been looking around at all your fly tying desk,etc. I thought I would show you what my Dad and younger brother made me for my addiction. My Bro (13 Years old) turned me the dishes on a wood lathe (He has his own little business called pens by daniel) the dishes have rare earth magnets in them. My dad made the tool caddy and vise pedastool out of spalted birch. He also made me the fly boxes. He is working on a fly tying desk, with a spalted maple top
  8. Right now I keep mine in the newest fishpond tying bag which was 100 bucks but it is pretty small so I have a few other boxes now. but they do make a larger one for 160 bucks. But soon I am getting a desk so I will not need the bag unless I travel with it. hope this will help Charlie fishpondusa.com
  9. I got two packs of targus 1 x fine ( these are the ones I was talking about that are part of tiemco but filed in different place) But I hate them. Tiemcos 1 x fine dont bend this bad but targus hooks do. Charlie
  10. Wow thats a lot of info. I have been tying for 2 and a half years now and work with hackle alot. you said something about strung hackle. but the strung hackle is always way to big. but I think I mentioned before that I found wapsi dyed rooster necks do you know anything about this? Thanks for all your help. Charlie
  11. Thanks for all your guys help I will take a look at the sites you requested. Thanks again Charlie
  12. Can you buy directly form wapsi? Because there is other materials I want from them Chalie
  13. thanks I will try some of their hooks? Do you know of any store in washington near seattle that carry them? Thanks again Charlie
  14. I once came across spftware that was free and design for storing fly recipes but I could not download it because I have a mac it was only for windows so i do not know if it was any good so I can not recomend or rember its name Charlie
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