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  1. Once again another AMAZING work of art. im glad to just see it
  2. mabey on the old rocky ford perhaps?
  3. DAAAAAAAAAMN thats a fine looking midge right there.....i love the dubbing and a little flash
  4. SWEEEET looks like a nice carp fly
  5. CARPY!!!!! wow that looks like a CARP flie
  6. what did u hook it on???
  7. very cool thanks FTB95
  8. awsome. hey did u attach the lead bottom or not? im not sure if it is necisary or not but would like to know
  9. thanks. its not the best but i will be posting more soon
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Flytyerboy95: Black and Yellow diver
  11. for first try its nice. head looks tight and the color transitions are smooth well done FTB95
  12. mcfluffchucker the species u have there is actually diffrent and isnt as predatory or as big. i have caught some fairly large perch on a simple caries special. i also caught a nice one that just hammerd a senko! any ways not much of a help but whatever
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