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  1. Maybe a longer shank? Adding a treble hook to a fly is like making a martini with vodka it gets the job done but it ain't the real thing.
  2. Im thinking, and my wife asks me not to do a lot of it, if your near Nagasaki how far is it to Sasebo. I was there too many years ago and recall the inland waters were spectacular.
  3. great site. I will use it for sure. The bait fish pattern probably the first. Super thanks Tom
  4. Seems to me it would work. Sounds like it would also be good in the tributary (Caney tailwaters) too. I'm picturing it and will give it a shot. Thanks a lot. TnTom How has the fishing been in Japan? I was in Tokyo and Yoshimi last years and really enjoyed. It was all business but I did a lot of hiking on the weekends but didn't get in any fishing.
  5. Thanks guys. This is the first time I have ventured beyond the wadeing waters of the Stones, Elk,Duck, and Caney Fork river. Ive been busy getting my boat ready for the bigger water. My thoughts are to put in at the landing in South Carthage on the Caney Fork and work toward the Cumberland then either up the Cumberland River toward Cordell Hull or Down towards Old Hickory. From the weather reports I can spend most of the time this weeks tying up some new stuff and it looks like I have some good choices. Talking possibly more severe storms tomorrow. Gary where do you like to put in at. Do you ever fish out of Flippers Tackle in Gallatin? Gettin Anxious TnTom
  6. Will search right now for Half & Half, Seaducers, and Decievers patterns. Do you have any pictures of these? I have tied some Clousures (not as big as I will tie up now). Thanks I just searched the patterns data base and saw some good stuff. Didn't see the Half and Half or a Seaducer but saw a number of Clousers and Deciever patterns.
  7. Will search right now for Half & Half, Seaducers, and Decievers patterns. Do you have any pictures of these? I have tied some Clousures (not as big as I will tie up now). Thanks
  8. I'm going to try Striper Bass on Old Hickory Lake in a week or so and wonder what your go to fly would be. Its a big reservoir here in middle Tn. I'm thinking big streamers, lots of Maribou? I've seen some huge Stripers taken there on live bait trolling and the average is between 10lbs - 15lbs but 20lbs and up isn't rare at all. Hopefully the weather will straighten out here over the next week. It got really ugly yesterday. I need to tie up something for deep, 15' to 30' and something for top water, a top water plug would be like a Zara Spook 4-5". I'm thinking spinning up BIG deer hair with long Maribou tails. Any suggestions sure will be appreciated. TnTom
  9. TnTom

    wading boots

    including all the bugs in your tackle, your waders on and on. I wouldn't be without my felt. I wouldn't trust anything else. Busted my ass one too many time and it wont happen again. I clean them faithfully (bucket of water and some bleach and let them set and dry). I dont usually fish more than one stream at any given day and the gear is out of the water a couple days before I'm in new water. I like about 2 sizes over shoe size and seems to be comfortable and my toes stay warm. the booties in my waders seem a little excessive but fill up with heavy socks on. 2 sizes over is pushing it a little. Tom
  10. Released to again reign terror in the hearts of unsuspecting anglers up and down the mighty Duck River and if you dare venture into these uncharted waters watch out for this guy (or gal)....no sense of sharing at all.
  11. The slides are superb, just excellent. The tutorials and the presentation method really makes learning a new patterns a joy. Don't change anything. Tom
  12. Mowed the lawn today and its suppose SNOW Monday so good luck.
  13. I discovered in the early part of the learning curve was I had more interest in getting the basic technique under control and it was fun tying some "excessive" looking flies. It gave me a feeling of what different things just felt like. Getting past the pulling too hard and poppin the thread at a bad time (still do), skinnying up the dubbing sort of things. You hear it over and over... "proportion' and consistency. Tying 15 flies in a row that are consistent and measure up the same and even look the same becomes the test. The Adams caught my eye and with the help from lots of members and a ton of advice from Mr. Futzer there becomes an opportunity to try a lot of different techniques and tips or tricks that helped make certain things happen correctly. Use good materials. Futzer showed me the difference between good hackle and otherwise hackle. I was using "otherwise" and when I tried the hackle he suggested it was like night and day. Using neck when saddle is really the correct material can really make a big difference also. So good materials and the correct material is all important as to how long it takes to get things under control. I was catching fish with them so it was easy to keep tying the Adams and Parachute Adams. I have a box full of both now. The question being when do I stop tying them? No need to! Ive been using them in conjunction with the Copper John (just started tying it) along with other bead heads. The Parachute Adams makes a great strike indicator and the fish hit it 75% of the time (fun) and the dropper not as frequent (still fun). I wouldn't set a number overall. Tie what you need to tie to give you that "piece of cake" feeling with things in proportion.
  14. That looks really interesting. What the smallest hook you have used on the John? Had to look and see where you hang your hat when I saw ice and ash. Just saw some more on the news a few minutes ago. I was attending West high when the quake hit years ago. At that time the volcano was sound asleep.
  15. Another good one. I especially like the detail in describing the rigging of the H/C/D ,John Barrs (Hopper - Copper - Dropper) system and how to set up the leader and tippet. I have had some difficulty in the past keeping it untangled. Great tips on how to rig the Copper John. Thanks Tom
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