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  1. How do you weave the chenille together? Anyone have a recipe?
  2. I am up in the air if I want to coat the head of my clousers with epoxy or just leave them be. If I coat them I am going to encompass the eyes and all so that they are a little more solid. What do you think? I am heading to Florida in a week.
  3. Good to know, thank you! I assumed the click sound was the cam getting into final position.
  4. Worked with it a little more and I am getting the hook to hold great with not a lot of pressure on the cam, which is know I need to be shooting for. I am still not getting the click, but after thinking about it. The click might come from a lot of things, jaws being built just slightly different, more use of the jaws resulting in a slightly bigger hole for the cam to slide into when in the upright position. I dont know.
  5. Coming from a knob traveler to a dyna-king is been somewhat of a transition. I like the BK so much more though. I have a couple of questions on hook set up in the vise. I hear from most guys that you will hear a click when you have enough tension on the hook in the vise. I have been tying 1/0 bass bugs and am having a hard time setting up the vise. It seems like when I have enough tension on the hook (in the second hole in the jaws) I am having a pretty dam hard time lifting the cam into place and getting it to click at all. I feel like I am going to break the jaws and that is the last thing I want. I am having to brace my hand on the vise when pulling up the cam to get it to the top at the set position and not hearing a click.
  6. News: Just got a response and he said it was shipped out today, and should be here 2-3 days!
  7. I did earlier. Thanks fellas.
  8. S**t, I ordered 2 days ago. I figured that would give them plenty of shipping time to get here, I hope so.
  9. Thats not what I wanted to hear. I hope that it gets here before next Wednesday!
  10. Ordered some material, and have no clue when it will get here! I am heading out of town in a week and would like to mess with it before I leave.
  11. What is the difference from it and EP / Congo Hair? http://www.caddisflyshop.com/harelineicefur.html
  12. Looks like a very simple tie, but what is the material? All Flashabou, or wing and flash? Thanks, Cole
  13. I like it with Estaz as well, but I am sticking with the bunny fir for now! A little more action.
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