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  1. How do you weave the chenille together? Anyone have a recipe?
  2. I am up in the air if I want to coat the head of my clousers with epoxy or just leave them be. If I coat them I am going to encompass the eyes and all so that they are a little more solid. What do you think? I am heading to Florida in a week.
  3. Good to know, thank you! I assumed the click sound was the cam getting into final position.
  4. Worked with it a little more and I am getting the hook to hold great with not a lot of pressure on the cam, which is know I need to be shooting for. I am still not getting the click, but after thinking about it. The click might come from a lot of things, jaws being built just slightly different, more use of the jaws resulting in a slightly bigger hole for the cam to slide into when in the upright position. I dont know.
  5. Coming from a knob traveler to a dyna-king is been somewhat of a transition. I like the BK so much more though. I have a couple of questions on hook set up in the vise. I hear from most guys that you will hear a click when you have enough tension on the hook in the vise. I have been tying 1/0 bass bugs and am having a hard time setting up the vise. It seems like when I have enough tension on the hook (in the second hole in the jaws) I am having a pretty dam hard time lifting the cam into place and getting it to click at all. I feel like I am going to break the jaws and that is the last thing I want. I am having to brace my hand on the vise when pulling up the cam to get it to the top at the set position and not hearing a click.
  6. News: Just got a response and he said it was shipped out today, and should be here 2-3 days!
  7. I did earlier. Thanks fellas.
  8. S**t, I ordered 2 days ago. I figured that would give them plenty of shipping time to get here, I hope so.
  9. Thats not what I wanted to hear. I hope that it gets here before next Wednesday!
  10. Ordered some material, and have no clue when it will get here! I am heading out of town in a week and would like to mess with it before I leave.
  11. What is the difference from it and EP / Congo Hair? http://www.caddisflyshop.com/harelineicefur.html
  12. Looks like a very simple tie, but what is the material? All Flashabou, or wing and flash? Thanks, Cole
  13. I like it with Estaz as well, but I am sticking with the bunny fir for now! A little more action.
  14. Is the only difference the lighter size, the plastic knobs? I would love to hear from someone who has tied on both. This will be my main vise for tying at home and away on trips.
  15. If you are fishing pretty deep water, I would use a sinktip at least.
  16. Yep $40: http://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?stor...mp;target=RP001
  17. That is awesome! Great tie!
  18. Are you throwing these flies on a sink-tip?
  19. What is the main difference in Congo Hair and Water Silk?
  20. Before I drop $40 on a set, I was wondering if anyone had one they are not seeing enough action with and willing to sell it.
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