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  1. The first 5 versions didn't have any bunny hair and they all worked, so once the fur is gone keep on fishing them. Palmered bunny flies are a staple in the warmwater world and they seem to hold up just fine, so it wasn't something I was worried about. The estaz is a good idea though, I may throw that in a few as well. Im glad you like them. It is really involved. I found the easiest way to tie them is to tie up a bunch in stages. First I'll tie 20-30 posts with the flash on the mono. Then Ill attach the eyes and flash on all of the hooks, then I'll go back and tie in the skirt and the head. Helps things move along quicker. Thats exactly what I did, tied a couple in stages. I do have to agree with you though, this is not a beginner fly, there is a lot of work involved in it, but the result is worth it, it looks amazing. I will see if I can get some photos up tomorrow. Once again, great pattern. I know it will kill small/largemouth bass here.
  2. Tied a couple up and I really like them. One problem I see is how long will the bunny fir hold up, after repeated strikes? I am going to tie some up with estaz and see how they work as well. This is a pretty involved fly and I would hate for the fly not to hold up after repeated strikes. I might also try it in a medium gauge wire loop to give it some more strength. Just some ideas!
  3. Silicone you can buy at the hardware store works fantastic for setting the face of deer hair poppers.
  4. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=41409
  5. BadAss, would you do a tutorial?
  6. You're in for a real treat -- they are strong fish. A lot of fellas out here on the West coast use 8 wts, and 9 wts. are also very popular -- you should be fine. Thats what I keep hearing, thanks for the info!
  7. Guys, I have a chance to do some striper fishing here in a month or so. How hard of a fight do they put out? I have an 8 wt and will be targeting 5-15lb fish.
  8. Showing all of the colors? Thanks, Cole
  9. Thats what I am wondering, people keep telling me you can find it in bulk, but I have looked and found nothing. I would like to know of some brands as well!
  10. Thanks, for the info. What are you throwing that thing on? 8wt?
  11. Its hard to tell how long the mono is? How long is the piece? 3" - 4"???
  12. I am tired of buying small cartons of yarn, I would like to buy a couple of Skeins. What are you using and where are you getting it?
  13. For me it really depends. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont.
  14. Awesome Fly! How about a walkthrough with photos????? That would be awesome!
  15. Hell yes, we need a rating system!
  16. Believe it or not the fly is only about 3 3/4" long, the photos make it look 5"+. HAHA, I should have. :hyst:
  17. I agree, great looking fly!
  18. Thanks guys, I am just going to order one of each.
  19. Whats the difference? Could I buy the standard and be ok tying big flies with it. On paper they look exactly the same.
  20. I like it, great fly!
  21. Looking for constructive criticism. Good fly, bad fly? Let me have it.
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