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  1. I am a huge advocate for eyes on flies, I know some people say you don't need them, but you will not seeing me fishing a fly without eyes.
  2. Thanks man, I have tied a a lot of them that way as well and it is what I fish most of the time. But for 10'+ of water around or near spawning flats for big largemouth looking for a meal, I tied a couple this way. If you tie a couple, be sure to use some red for the gills, you would not believe the difference it makes.
  3. Pay no attention to the eyes installed in the wrong position, I had a brain lapse at the time. Oh well, I have already tied some more with the eyes in the correct position.
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Cole: Madpus - Ticked Off Persian Cat
  5. I am very very curious about tube flies. I would like to tie some for largemouth / smallmouth bass. Take a look at this finished fly: I know here, bass would tear that up and would like to tie some, but am confused on why the tube etc...
  6. I enjoy tying, so I dont really look at how long it takes me. Whenever I get done with it, is just that, whenever I get done.
  7. Is it the non glare model? How much are you looking for it?
  8. I don't know if I would call it lucky to be stuck in oklahoma. I hear you. Lucky might be Montana for me! Got a question, how much would it be to get your private license for single engine prop? Pilot Instruction + Engine Hour Costs? On the average?
  9. Want to get me cheap flying lessons?
  10. Damn, that was a great deal! I am from Tulsa as well.
  11. :wallbash: Thats what I figured!
  12. How much is it worth? Great shape, very few flies tied on it. This is the knob style traveler. If you are interested, please pm me a price and it could be yours.
  13. Great post, I use it as well for deer hair spinning and I love it!
  14. Cole

    Destin, FL area?

    Heading there in May with the family, anyone have any info about the area as far as fishing?
  15. Has anyone tied one? If so, do you have the recipe maybe a how to? I bet this things would be killer on bass as well!
  16. Has anyone done it? I have heard numerous stories, dont do it, just buy one, etc...
  17. Thats my kind of fishing, out of an s2000, I have one myself! I would have stayed to fish in the snow, though. I love it.
  18. Bruce, thanks for the info! One thing, where can I purchase the best deer hair for spinning online.
  19. Rick, I am tying some bass bug poppers and getting deer hair is not a problem. I live in Texas where we don't have real cold winters. How hard is it to dye your own hair? My dad runs a processing company and can get tons of deer hair if I wanted it.
  20. Bought some hair from the local BassPro and hate it so far. Too much underfur and so many different lengths. I want something preferably 5"x8" or bigger with the best deer hair on the market.
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