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  1. The hair is Bucktail. And yes, I have caught numerous trout with it. The movement depends on how fast your water is. The faster it flows, the less movement you get. It`s really ieasy and fast to tie and, I think, it`s a beautiful, classic streamer.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by moskito_01: Tan Matuka
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by moskito_01: Marabou Muddler
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by moskito_01: Mickey Finn
  5. @Redleg: Well, the rule still is that you`re not allowed to release a fish that is big enough by regulations to be kept. BUT as always and with anything here there are exceptions. It would take way too much time and typing to name them all now. But one exception states that you can release any size fish if it is necessary for that species and in that specific water to keep the population up and healthy. Where I fish there aren`t many trout and/or greyling so yes, I do release most of the fish I catch. Simply because it is necessary to keep the population up. I live close to Munich by the way. Wanna come and go fishing? :headbang:
  6. Mark, thanx for all that info wrapped in this article. You gave me plenty of new ideas! I have bought feathers and marabou at a craft store before. The feathers were alright, but nothing close to quality you get a a flyfishing supply store. But as you pointed out there are numerous flies where craft store quality feathers will do the job just right. As for marabou: I have found many more colors in the craft store I went to compared to "my dealer" and the quality was just as good (after some sorting of course). The beads I had picked up didnt work for me at all. They wouldn`t go around the hook bend... I quickly figured out why after I bought my first "real" pack of beads. Andy
  7. @smalliehunter: I didn`t "chastize" anybody and I didn`t say Sketch doesn`t have the right to keep whatever fish he wants to keep. I catch fish and I eat fish. So, believe it or not, I kill fish as well. @Sketch: You`re right, 44 pounds is very big to me, actually it`s unheard of where I live/fish. But if it is handled the way you describe it, where biologists make sure there is a healthy amount of fish being released, then that`s fine with me. Maybe I was just jealous because we can only DREAM about fish that size. Where was that fishery again? I should start traveling. :headbang:
  8. I don`t know man! Don`t you think it would have been better to let this 44 (!!!) pound trophy fish live and maybe give other anglers the chance to catch it as well? Or let it move on to spawn? No offense, just my opinion.
  9. Hey Sketch, is it the picture or do I see that fish cut open from front to back? Andy
  10. I have once tied what I named the "CyborgBugger". The way it is tied also makes it flip up side down. The difference is that I didn`t have any "dinner bells" on my CyborgBugger. I have fished it quite a lot and have yet to catch something with it. It just doesn`t seem to cut it. I am quite sceptical towards these bouncer flies. They look damn heavy with all those beads on there. Might be a dangerous fly to cast (you know, if it should ever hit the tip of your rod). But they look like a fun tie. Andy P.S.: My Cyborg Bugger is in the database.
  11. Now THAT`S a picture. Thanks Hans!
  12. A name? How about "60 to 0 in 1 second" No, that would be too long.... uhm I got it! BreakyBugger?
  13. I have had great results using bright orange dubbing for the collar. Just thought I`d share.
  14. What`s your trick in order to get the right length deer hair to fold over. For me it`s mostly luck if the wing comes out right or not. Sometimes it`s way too small sometimes too big. So, how do you measure the deer hair before tying it down?
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