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  1. I like to do this too - I have found a couple of times that even though I have cleared the eye "hole" I have had a wrap of thread underneath which is more or less invisible, and will prevent the eye from being threaded at the streamside. Threading all the flies on a piece of copper stops this easily, and keeps them all together too on a string.
  2. She looks nice - but that is mostly heeler for sure. Tell him to be careful of the temperament as she grows, I'm sure she is great, but the combination is potentially an explosive mix. Heelers are bred to bite cattle and keep them moving, (some) shepherds are bred to bite people. Don't want to tell you how to suck eggs though. She's cute.
  3. Hi Flygirl,... I sympathise with your issue because I seem to have the same problem with friends not valuing things the same way I do. Still you made a statement that gives me the answer, and that is where you said: "My friend does not think I have a right to be upset over this..." Now right or wrong your friend should respect your right to be upset if you are upset! (And I would be too, bigtime!) She is demeaning you by not even acknowledging that you have put yourself out here. Get a new friend and leave this one to the gas. Go fishing, enjoy... maybe give me a little notice next time and I'll take her place for ya LOL. Serious, I hope you have fun and can afford to go solo, coz this friendship is a one way street. :ripped:
  4. Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... Hey JB, I don't think there is too much shepherd in Bandit.
  5. Sounds great Daryn, and that you have the head on your shoulders all set up right!
  6. Some good advise above Daryn, I have nothing to add other than my support. Go for it mate if you have the talent and the will. Don't try to charge too much, give the guy a fare deal and it may well just come back to you some day, if not at least you have given your best. Good luck.
  7. I agree, cannot fault them. Thanks to James at Stockard for the service!
  8. Cameta Camera in NY are really good, and sharp pricing. www.cameta.com
  9. Ya tried looping the thread around the hair first and then go around the hook? It holds it all together until the thread tightens. I'm sure you did this, but I found it helps me. Always cheaper to buy them though.... lol
  10. Tell the cops what you know - make sure your concience is clear if something happens, or you will never forgive yourself for not doing more.
  11. wilcara


    G'day Thumbs... and greetings all the way from Victoria. Its a good site here.
  12. Look forward to seeing it Joe, and I wish you the very best of luck in the move. It is a pain in the bum but at least it forces you to clean out junk you don't need (until after you threw it out) and to get stuff organised that you never seem to get around to.... I moved across the street once and it was no easier that moving interstate - you still have to pack everything, and the drive part isn't too hard. At least I could drive my cars and bikes there and walk back for the next one!
  13. I have done a couple of guided NZ trips, think I could do better... I believe I could put a trip together for three anglers to fish the South Island brown trout fishery for a week, fully guided for 5 days, all accommodation (good 3 star level) with all gourmet meals, car hire, local produce wine and cheese nights, casting clinic by a top instructor, flytying demo and entomology session by tying professional, jet boat day up a major river for rainbows that will tear your arms off, a helicopter day to a back county stream, and more... No profit for me, just a chance to fish with some internet buddies and have a good time doing a trip the way it should be done. Air fares extra, but everything else absolutely included, no exceptions, to and from Dunedin or Christchurch, for $3k US. Does this interest anyone? PM if you like... Just an idea at this stage, can go at a time to suit... Have a good think and shop around, this is really cheap.
  14. Hey Joe - I was really touched by that, hang in there buddy. There's always your FTF pals if things get tough mate.
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