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  1. In a stunning combination of superb colour images and lively personal essays, Salmon Country takes us on an excursion along New Brunswick's famous salmon rivers. Edited by Jacques Heroux, marrying the words of Doug Underhill and the photographs of André Gallant, Salmon Country explores the people, the rivers, the traditions, history, and mythology of this sport of sports. And there's drama around every bend in the river. Underhill tells of becoming one with the river, of treading deep pools, of wading shallow rapids and gravely shoals in search of the king of fish. Gallant shows the splashy thrill of the catch, breathtaking treecanopied rivers, and the people who make the experience memorable. Written with keen observation, wit, and verve, Salmon Country brings to life a world centred on fly-fishing and pays tribute to all who share the joy of fishing the Miramichi, Restigouche, Nepisguit, Cains, and Saint John rivers. The book is available at www.gooselane.com or on Amazon.com
  2. Here is my version of the famous Rusty rat. Jacques
  3. My favorite Atlanitc Salmon Fly on the Miramichi, Restigouche and Québec Rivers. Like Marc said......I swear it outproduces most other patterns!
  4. The Dieppe Fly Tying Club presents the sixth Fly Fishing Forum on March 28th and 29th, 2009 at the New Brunswick Community College in Dieppe. The principal objective of the Forum is to promote the sport of fly fishing in general and attract underrepresented demographic groups like women and youth to this activity; while this continues to be our goal, the Forum has become the harbinger of Spring for fly fishing enthousiasts throughout the Maritimes. The Dieppe Fly Tying Club is pleased to announce that since the beginning of the Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum, more than $15,000 was given to different conservation and river associations of NB. New Feature this year: The ASF is having their annual Moncton Dinner at the Fox Creek Golf Club- Dieppe on Saturday March 28th. For more information, contact Geoff Giffin at [email protected] For the complete program, visit our Website at www.flyfishingforum.ca
  5. Why don't you buy in Canada. No customs....Check this website. Good prices and very good customer services. www.lgflyrod.com Jacques
  6. Salut Damian, In Scandinavia, they are looking close to your 5 wraps ( equal or not), bump, if they see thread and the quality of the head (your head ciment shouldn't touch the hook and feathers). All together, you silver doctor look great. I find the wing short or your crest-topping too long, your ribs are not equal. The underwing, the tail and the silver body are nice. May be your tag is not smooth enough. I am sure your next one will be a winner! Jacques
  7. Hi Damian, Great classic fly! One of the best featherwing salmon fly that I've seen from you. I can see a huge difference since you took the course from me 3 years ago. Merry Christmas to you and your family. See you at the Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum next March. Jacques
  8. Hi Sully TM, First, a Rusty Rat is not considered a classic salmon fly. Usually a classic is a featherwing and this one is a hairwing. Did you use sword or herl for the tail? The pattern required sword and should be more full! The body should be half floss and half herl. The third turn of tinsel should be over the veiling. I like the floss work on the body. The wing should have more hair. Did you use hen or saddle for the collar. Hen looks better. Here is a Rusty Rat, Restigouche style with two veiling.
  9. Hi suskiefisher, If you don't mind here is a couple of comments: - The tail should have more swords to look full; - Your third turn of tinsel should be over the veiling. The pattern ask for half body with floss and the other half with herl; - I would like to see more hair in the wing. - The real Rusty Rat ask for a double veiling....but it is a little bit more difficult to tie! The hackle, the tag and the head look nice. Keep up the good work. Jacques
  10. Dave, I hear you...but here in Atalntic Canada, finding Cellire is not easy. For 5$, a bottle of Toluol can help you keeping our bottles of Cellire in goor workng order. For me, any other head ciment is out of question. Jacques
  11. I was just kinning Jean-Paul but regular Featherwing like small size Green highlander and Black dose still work. Jacques
  12. Damian, I am using TOLUOL, a fast drying cleaner solvent for industrial paint finishes. You can buy it at your local Home hardware Store. Why? Because Cellire containts Toluene. Don't add to much and it has to be stir. Jacques
  13. Jean-Paul, Are you planning to wet this fly on the Miramichi next Summer? Jacques
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