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  1. A left coast howdy to all. The real name is David Roberts, I am a bamboo addict and a fly tying nut. I have been tying for over 50+ years, and when I heard and older tyer at the Fly tyers Expo in Eugene OR, (he had to be old if I thought he was) tell a young gal when she said she was a beginner tyer, he told her "we are all beginners, just some of us have been beginners longer" I took it to heart. It has and will be a life long learning process. I am a fly fishing guide in S. Oregon, but will not be using this board to drum up business. I am old enough now that I guide when I want to and fish the rest of the time. I teach fly tying at my home, where we built a very large tying room, where I can keep my mess out of the house. There is a tying jam with some other old [email protected]%ts every Wed. morning and more coffee and BS being done that flys tyed. One of those guys brought in a copy of Hatches and I got the first two copy's as soon as I could. Now I have to just buy copy's until Christmas because My wife told me I couldn't order because my 2 grand kid's (daughter) is getting it for me. Anyway I am a member of FFF, So. Oregon Fly Tyers (SOFT) which describes most of us. Thanks for letting me join. David
  2. Addict, I use Turkey Flats for all of my post and they work great. Just another thing to play with. David
  3. I would like to do more, and will when I can. I just donated a guided trip on the Rogue River here in Oregon to the local chapter of these ladys here. David
  4. Great job, Browns, and Bamboo doesn't get anybetter. Who built the rod, and what taper is it? Raise a little Cane, Fish Bamboo David
  5. slinger, I love it you say the same thing as most if us old farts. Now I am into tying the old patterns (wet fly) not changing any names. Was working a run on the upper Rogue, and a young fly fisher saw me catching fish, when I returned to the bank to let the toes warm up, he asked me what the fly I was using. I showed him he wanted to know if I had come up wtih it, because he had never seen one before. We sat there on the bank for an hour on this very thread, that a lot of the new flys are really old patterns with new material. So I have to put my vote in for what Slinger said. David
  6. Can't wait to see more you are doing an outstanding job. Keep up the good work.What could be better, catching fish on Bamboo and Hand made hooks of a friend. David
  7. Just to let people know. the Oregon FFF Fly Tyers Expo in Eugene Oregon will be on March 26th. This show has been going on now for 17 years, is nothing but tying, with names such as, Jim Schollmeyer, Gene Trump, Roy Powell (who wins almost ever contest in Fly Fishing Fly Tying Mag.), Alec Jackson, John Shewey, Harry Lemire (who tyies Full Dress Atlantic Salmon Flys without a vise) I have tryed this and had my hands cramp shortly after I got the tag tyed on. I hope some of you can make it, and if you can stop by, and say hi. David
  8. I am not very good at this thing yet, I did a serch for Chris Helm, but didn't come up with anything. Can anybody give me his site? David
  9. Andy, Thank you my DVD is on its way. Just a couple of questions, do you use the old Alcot hook for show flys, or do you have an other sourse for the proper hooks. David
  10. Siskiyou Aviary (Kate Davidson) at HTTP: oregonart.com, has rhea, bleached and dyed peacock eyes for speys and a lot more. David
  11. yes I do want the DVD where can I get it? David
  12. Where can we order, and how much for some samples of these hooks they are very nice looking and can't wait to get some. David
  13. Fontinalis, I love tying these flys again. I have been collecting the old hook to tye the show flys. Here on the West Coast (Oregon) I have been tying them for our Coastal Cutthrout Trout, and Sea Run Cuts, and have even cought Steelhead on them. I am interested any info you can give me on tying these flys. I will be tying at the FFF show in Eugene Or. in March and may be tying a few of these, I get a lot of questions on Catskill style drys and midge patterns so don't have much chance to play with other patterns, but this year I will tye for two slots, so I am going to try and squeeze these in. Does Don Bastian have a book out anything else so I can study under him long distance? Thanks for bring these out again. David
  14. Hey Al, how did you stand him for two days, he is always wound like a seven day clock . Just kidding, thanks for the tip. Roy is a very inovative tyer, and a very good friend. David
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