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  1. Just received my 3 tees....Outstanding!!!! Great colors & great design/logo. Thanks Will. Will wear then with pride.
  2. JP66

    I"M A DAD

    Bravo!!!! Congrats!!!!
  3. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bugeyes: :headbang: :bugeyes: :headbang: :yahoo: Guess what arrived??? AMAZING!!!!!! SO many goodies. Now...off to the vise!!! Thanks FTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You got moola via PayPal. :headbang: Looking forward to getting/wearing the shirts. Thanks Will. JP
  5. Well, to add to the mix, I just bought an Ergonomic Supreme Vise. Chris Helm talked to me about the benefits of this vise. It is the old "saltwater" vise that was just re-released in 2010. I love tying on it. VERY comfortable. :headbang: I sold my NorVise to buy it.
  6. Ummm...still waiting. The suspense is KILLIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mine is supposed to get here soon. Can't wait. Last years was a great surprise.
  8. Love the design!!! I would like 3 T-shirts in size 2XL. Charcoal, Olive & Dark Chocolate please. Thanks!!! JP
  9. Welcome!!! Great last name!!!! (Just happens to be mine too) Enjoy the board. JP
  10. You fish these flies dry if you can find a leader that will not drag them down but most people just fish them wet........ The motto of the size 32 flyfisher... why fish barbless flies go for pointless. In all seriousness though, do you actually fish these? and how? Do you tie the leader onto the hook when you tie the fly? All I can say is WOW. Get yourself a copy of "Midge Magic". It shows the tiny stuff. To answer do I fish them? Yes sir. In WV on the Elk River. Have landed some nice fish on 32's and slightly larger flies using 10x tippet. Thanks for the feed back folks.
  11. Hey folks. I have a Nor-Vise and enjoy using it. I am looking to buy the fine point jaw conversion for some small stuff (down to size 32) Looking for some feedback from folks who use this jaw and have tied some tiny flies. Thanks in advance. JP
  12. Right back at ya!!! USA...USA!!!! :headbang:
  13. Got my brown hat on Monday....SCHWEET LID!!!! :headbang: Thanks Will. JP
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