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  1. I've concidered making some frames for sale, but things are mostly still on the drawing board. I have some conceptual designs I'd like to try out. I've been drawing alittle and tying some of the flies for this project. The frames including a drawing could be made with a picture of a fish, or a drawing of a certain fish caught on a certain fly and framed with the pattern that catched the fish.... there are many options A couple of ideas, drawings I have made
  2. Takes around 5-6 hours to tie a fly like this one, but as the rest of you I'm enjoying every minute
  3. My latest project... my entry this year for the anual danish fly of the year contest.
  4. Gotta love those colours... very nice fly
  5. Tompa, the flies are tied on 5/0 size hooks and I use mostly turkey dyed in the wings as well. We have several great retailers here in Denmark. I freqently get materials from Salmonfly and Jens pilgaard. Salmonfly.dk and Flytying.dk Damian, we're working on it I hope we'll have it up and running very soon. The design and the images are pretty much ready. So the workload is primarely translating the artikels to english.
  6. I usually spend 4-6 hours on the flies. Tho' sometimes less if everything works out perfect in every turn If all materials are laid out and I've desided what pattern to tie I can do it faster. The real time consumers are the flies I design myself those take some planning and usually involve some rather nifty tying techniques that take time and loads of undoing and retrying.
  7. 2 classic patterns I made during the holidays.
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