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  1. swink, would love to see a recipe and/or tying instruction on that one!!
  2. got some sweet lookin flies in the mail today! Thanks fella's :headbang:
  3. :hyst: I totally agree. As kids we always said they gave the best ............... you guys aint right! :hyst:
  4. Good deal, I was worried that they weren't there Thanks guys lookin forward to 'em!
  5. That mouse will hammer fish! fish don't care about no tail color :yahoo:
  6. haha whoops! :hyst: hit the postal in the morning
  7. all done ready for an addy! pumped about gettin these back! :headbang:
  8. sorry fella's had to get caught up on some swaps from another form looks like we have a good selection of shrimp so i'll tie a baitfish will be salt fishin the first time this summer in naples and the keys :yahoo: Looks like white is a tough color to beat for snook unless there's an objection or request i'll tie a white baitfish of some sorts. Thick bellied or narrow and clouser like...what do the fish prefer :dunno:
  9. One question for ya I tied one up today and wondered how stiff is the tail on yours? Saturated mine in water and was stiff as a plank maybe i used the wrong chenille?
  10. holy crap its a fly rod senko! I'll take 6...dozen Same way you'd furl a leader? Guess i got somethin new to learn :headbang:
  11. i apologize for forgetting a SASE i didn't realize until today...i'll get a bill in the mail for ya monday :wallbash:
  12. headin for my first salt trip this year in the glades! i'm in!
  13. Saw Jens "naked" fly and thought of an idea for my colored hooks. Use the hook color for the body!! Ran into two problems 1. How to tie the tag off clean without showing the thread wraps 2. Need to figure out a new material for the wing...to steep of a taper on the head to really ad anything else maybe one of you guys could run with the idea!!!
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