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  1. Northernsolo:- Thanx for the reply, but I suspect I've mislead you I don't have a prob with the Disk it's self, it's the wing material that break off about 10mm behind the disk. it's not coming out of the silk but actually breaking. I'll post some before and after pic's to show Steve O
  2. I've been tying for a couple of seasons now with the Frodin "Turbo Disks" using, as he suggests, softer material, ie maraboo, arctic fox, templedog etc, however, whilst they look great in the vice swim well in the river (and have caught fish) they don't last. About 10mm behind the disk the material breaks after a few casts. I've had ideas about putting harder materials in front but if you look at pic's in the mags pertaining to these they all show very soft material in front, usually Maraboo. I've asked loads of people, professional included, but all to no avail, has anybody else used / tied these and experianced the same problems during fishing ?? other than not bothering !! anybody found a solution ?? I've now added a few pic's 26th July Regards Steve O
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