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  1. I use a Dyna King Barracuda and like it very much.
  2. FlyFish TV was my favorite but it hasn't been on in months (OLN). Ford's Fly Fish America was good too. Just waiting for them to show up again.
  3. Do you use the loop to loop at each section of the leader, and from the tippet to the leader?
  4. I am trying to tie some knotted leaders. The suggested knot is the blood knot but I am having a lot of trouble with them. Is there an easy way to tie them? I added some tippet to an old leader with a double surgeon's knot. That was pretty easy. What knots do you use for these leaders?
  5. I use gloves at times when my fingers get cracks on them. I found some thin Vinyl gloves, latex free, at the local ACO hardware store. There are 50 in a box and they work great. They don't tear like latex gloves. They are made by Drug Emporium.
  6. Where can I find out how to do it? When I watch Kelly Galloup do it on Fly Fish TV he goes so fast I can't figure it out.
  7. Just saw another one on OLN tonight. Flyfishing America, Friday night at 10:30 pm eastern standard time. Brought to you by "Ford Motor Company".
  8. Looks great! Where did you get the pattern?
  9. Went to the hardware and bought some Vinyl Gloves made by Drug Emporium. Get 50 gloves in a small box (about 4" x 6" x 4"). Latex Free gloves, one size fits all. They worked great. Only used it on my left hand and had no problems tying at all. They fit snug like a second skin and are very thin vinyl. Still need to get some of that udder cream to see if I can soften up my hands. Thanks for you input!
  10. Thanks SmallieHunter, good info!
  11. I have a little trouble doing the pinch and getting the thread to not catch on the small shards on my fingers. Sometimes they break the thread. Have you ever used latex gloves to tie with? Got a good lotion to smooth out my fingers?
  12. O.K., thanks for all the input. I bought the Barrcuda today. Won't get a chance to use it until Christmas, my wife has it put away for now. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I'm really new to tying, started it about two months ago. Went to an Orvis dealer and took a class. I retired a year ago last July and love it so I'll have plenty of time to practice. I hope to learn a lot from this forum. Thanks for the help.
  13. Getting ready to buy one or the other. Don't want to buy the cheaper vise and find out I made a mistake later. Like to hear from people who are using them.
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