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  1. I posted this one below as well and really like the 1/2 portion of the piping body and the wolly bugger style head for the remaining front half. Like these in olive or black but after seeing more of the previous posts will be trying some new colors. One thing I did leave out is a little crystal flash in the tail.... doooh.. Hans
  2. I tie up the traditional standard but have moved on to more of a pattern like in the test pic. Nice quick tie and fun to fish. Love the previous pics and ties. Cheers - Hans
  3. Thanks for the replys... Going to have to look at the SW that came w/the camera and see what happens. Cheers, Hans
  4. Need some assistance in getting the ability to post some pictures. I have the digital camera but need some help in resizing them to the minimum needed to post. Is there as program I can download to assist in getting them to the correct size. Thanks. Hans Also - camera is a 4 megapixel Kodak.
  5. Up eye or down eye. I have been tying most of my salmon & steelhead flies on up eye singles and doubles. Typically I like the up eye for looks and for fishing. They certainly tie a nice fly and am looking for opinons on those who tie and fish w/the down eye hooks. Planning a little trip to the home waters and going to tie up some patterns for the spring season. I personally don't think it matters one way or the other. any thoughts? Thanks - Hans
  6. Interesting posts. I voted between 100 - 150 .. Most of that would be for Trout in the local waters I know and fish. Trips out of state I would be in the over 300 range. Steelhead I usually carry less than 100. Cheers, Hansen
  7. Certainly varies for me. Ihave used an STH cassette reel for a number of years. Bought it when they first came out which was about 10 years ago. Still use it for anything from trout to steelhead. Most I ever spent was in the 400+ range for a good spey reel. Certainly helps when a salmon or hot steelhead makes a long blistering run and I don't have to worry about drag. Cheers. - Hansen
  8. Books I have --- 1. Spey Flies & Dee Flies -- John Shewey 2. How to Dress Salmon Flies -- Price Tannat 3. Trout -- Hughes 4. Classic Salmon Flies -- Frodin 5. Salmon Flies -- Poul Jorgenson 6. Fishing Atlantic Salmon -- Bates All good books and from the previous posts plenty of to choose from and everyone has their tastes. Cheers - Hansen
  9. I use the brassie hair packer. Works well for me. But the dowel idea certainly sounds intreging and will make one up and give it a try.
  10. dbl_shot


    I use the ruby tipped Renzetti bobbins. Really like them and are priced around 17 - 20 bucks depending on where purchase. Cheers -- Hansen
  11. Very nice job. Certainly beats the white drafting table and tupperware tins that I have been using. Just have 2 large bins - one feathers & one fur... Really like the brass rod very good touch. - Hansen
  12. Nice neutral pattern. Will have to tie some up and give a try. Cheers - Hansen
  13. I'd be in for a grade A. PM me with the details. Cheers - Hansen
  14. For me... I'd have to say those midge patterns. I typically don't tie anything smaller than a 16. Those smaller like 18 - 22's are just out there. Bad enough to tie but attaching to a tippet yikes... Cheers, Hansen
  15. Very nice job. Will print out to keep handy. Cheers - Hansen
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