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  1. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. I am going to show than to Don Bastian in the next month or so. He seemed excited about seeing them. Any thoughts on the proper way to preserve them. I'm think of putting them in shadowboxes but not very deep.
  2. I was at an auction today and purchased 6 framed sets of flies. I was told that they were part of a salesmans sample set. Each plate has a variety of flies, each is sewn onto the paper backing, each is also labeled. I have been told that they are probably pre-1930 because of the style of hooks. I am looking at mounting each one into a shadowbox, but would like to know if anyone can tell me who the manufacturer was or maybe what value they might have. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Photos attached.
  3. Al, Thanks for the Screw it is exactly what was needed. You are great!
  4. Yesterday I was entertaining some kids at Church picnic and got a hook stuck in the jaws and could not get it to release by releasing the tension arm. I tried to turn the set screw for the jaws but it snapped off at the head. Can it jus be glued back on or will I need to order a part for it and is it easy to replace? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to correct this. I can always go back to using my old beat-up Herter's vise if I have to.
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