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  1. Everyone, I wanted to take a moment and share some sad news my cousin and FTF member Joe Beck passed last night. Some of you may know him as Atroutbum2, he became a member in 2004 and I know he was active in swaps for many years. Joe was 59, recently retired, and although the fishing had slowed in the last two years for him, he still loved it. I myself havent been active on the forum in a long time, Ive got three kids, and life just doesnt allow my the time to keep up with tying and forums the way i used to. I know 6 years ago when i moved from Pittsburgh to New Orleans Joe would often say, I havent been fishing, since my fishing partner isnt here. Today hit hard, Joe was the big brother i didnt have, and when i was a teenager and my friends were getting involved with bad habits, Joe got me hook on another habit. He got me my first fly rod, gave me an old Sage 890 RPL when i graduated college, and was always there as a friend, guide, mentor and teacher. He taught me to tie, to fish, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors and life. I just ask you take a moment to remember him today, he loved the sport of fly fishing and sharing it with others.
  2. Gents and ladies, it's been forever since I've posted here, but, this is a topic near to my heart...I'll be headed to the great Kitty Litter box for the second time this September...I'm thinking of taking my tying equipment this time. If anyone is interested in doing any swaps while I'm there let me know, I'll even take the flies to Iraq or Afghanistan you choice (I fly c-130s to both places), it makes for a cool conversation piece... I moved from PA to New Orleans, LA so I'll be looking for Red Fish and Speck Trout patterns to swap, but hey it's a good way to pass the time! ~Jake
  3. It's been a while since I've posted here. I just moved to the New Orleans area and was wondering if anyone on the forum lived around here and would be willing to show me around the water...pm me if you're interested...I've fished salt before in south Texas, but never LA... Thanks, Jake
  4. Chad, i love the fly, this has great "east side" potential, i'll have to let you know how it fishes in in two weeks when i get back to PA ~Jake
  5. Rick I agree with you 100%, i think think that the Daiichi hooks are hand down the best hooks when it comes to steelhead fishing. good points and strong, can't ask for much more...i've used some of the other types of tiemco hooks and i find that the hook stregnth is good, but the ability to hold a sharp point, in my opinion, leaves something to be desired...I've got two words for mustad, F**** 'em, by far that WORST hooks i've ever used, i've had steelhead bend them out, points are dull as hell, and they even snap on occasion (i had a sixe 18, 3906 snap in my vice). just my $.02... Jake
  6. anyone else having a problem upleading photos? i've been trying it for the last two days and i get upload diddly... Jake
  7. hey zip, love the photos...i had a quick question though...i was reccently stationed with the AF @ Maxwell AFB and i came across a few of the spiders that you had pictured above (the one with the skull looking thorax) and i was wondering if you know what type of spider that is, i saw one that no joke was as big as my hand... ~Jake
  8. Will i love the idea, of moving it up this year...i have a month off between Basic Officer Training and Undergraduate Pilot Training, so it's perfect timing for me to be able to sit down and tie some flies...
  9. Steelhead: Micro-Buggers Striper/Wipers: Clouser Smallmouth: Hard-body sliders Largemouth: Deer Hair Bugs Trout: Dry: Elk Hair Caddis, Wet: Caddis pupa Disclaimer: this is for Western PA and Eastern OH...
  10. Congrats Guy, those things look awesome...
  11. I actually tie a slight variation of this (i'll try and make some tonight and get a picture up later) it's a productive fly and easily modified to fish well in a varity of situation...Nice tie... ~Jake
  12. Hello to everyone at FTF, I just wanted to post an update since i've been rater busy and havent' had much time to post. My life has been crazy the last few months, graduated from college, job hunting, starting a new job, fishing, and shooting groundhogs. I recently scored a pilot slot with the 911th Airlift Wing based at Greater Pittsburgh Airport. I'll be headed to Officer Training next Septmber. I'll be flying C-130's upon my return to Pittsburgh. I'm also now a Flight Instructor and teaching at American Jet Training in Youngstown Ohio. My work schedule has not been conducive to having time to tie but hey I still squeeze a few out here and there. The bass fishing arround Kent has been pretty good to me so far this spring/summer. I've kept most of my free time occupied either fishing or hunting, so i can't bitch too much i guess... I'm also working on a book, more like memoirs about fishing the people i've encountered and the places i've seen...it's been in the works for about a year now and maybe i'll post some clips sometime...if anyone knows a good literary agent shoot me a PM i'd like to get the ball rolling on this sometime arround this coming Christmas. Hey Marty, Joe (Big Joe), Joe (Strike indicator Joe), and Big and Little Jerry, keep me informed about the next trip you'd like to take i'd like to get together with you all and wet a line. Also i've got a new cell phone, and i have Atroutbum2's # but i need the rest of you to give me a call sometime so that i can keep intouch. Tight lines and Tailwinds, ~Jake
  13. Smalliehunter...here's a suggestion i've found works well in rivers, (i fish the allegheny in PA alot for smallies), if you flip the popper head arround so that it becomes a bullet style slider you now have a killer stream/river smallie pattern...be sure to vary your colors to find what will work for you...i carry this in yellow, black, orange, and blue color schemes...
  14. Just a popper pattern that has a black and red color variation...just thought i'd share it...it's been good to me here in ohio, especially with smallmouth in lakes such as Westbranch...
  15. great tie...i carry a few of those in my bass box...i work them similar to a zoar spook...walk the dog style...
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