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  1. Nice work DougB :headbang: but you should move your blog to Hatches --> http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/start-you...n-blog-hatches/ it helps move traffic to Will's (just some gentle promotion no worries)
  2. Will - Maybe just reducing the amount of options/tags available for selection would help make the housekeeping activities more reasonable. I imagine that some categories can either be merged or some can be removed if they are rarely used.
  3. Will, No matter what metric is used, eventually all data sets (of size) need to be ordered or arranged so that the data itself can be used or viewed more efficiently. Similar to other views expressed, I would stay away from classic scales (1 - 10 ect...). Instead you could use meta data techniques and allow FTF members to tag fly patterns in the database based on their experience with them. The tags would be consice options (check boxes) presented next to the patterns in the database. Example (simple): Each fly pattern in the database has 3 categories for which members can rate/classify: Action Region Difficulty Each category has several attributes (tags) that members can select (checkbox) based on their experience fishing or tying the pattern: Action Top Producer Standard Results Region Northeast South Midwest West Difficulty Beginner Experienced Master So if I just tied up some of DHise's Early Blacks and killed all day on one of our spring creeks, I could go back to the FPD, open the Early Black pattern and tag them like so: Action x Top Producer Standard Results Region x Northeast South Midwest West Difficulty Beginner x Experienced Master After data is collected in this way, folks can search for patterns within the one or all of the three categories. No feelings are hurt and the data is organized. Just my $0.02 :headbang: whatever happens, you guys still rock and we appreciate all the effort (btw I saw the Hatches ad on FlyMax - looks good!)
  4. sweet :headbang: love the foam and excellent positioning on the shank
  5. deflyguy

    Trout Fly rods

    Scott A2 905/4 (5wt) best rod I have ever pounded water with :headbang:
  6. Great flies everyone! Thanks for hosting Rocky :headbang: I forgot to toe tag mine - sorry
  7. I have about 400 or so "fishable" flies and then ~100 that I use as models or display. Many of the later are tied by well respected tiers or friends and I don't want them at the bottom of a river
  8. really nice Rocky :headbang: Jimi would be proud
  9. sorry for the delay - mine are shipping tomorrow AM
  10. very slick, this would be great in two tones also :headbang:
  11. Thanks to all the competitors and especially to Will and the FTF staff. I am honored to be in the top 3 of just one of these categories (thanks for the Smallmouth votes). For interest, that pattern is called "The Dinner Bell" Rock on :headbang:
  12. Fred, A little day glo orange/red hot glue on the belly and you have a smart looking smolt pattern :headbang: for steelies and browns (and rainbows also, they eat their own :bugeyes: )
  13. you rock :headbang: I am waiting to see a Bojangles inspired fly :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
  14. 30 minutes left...you can almost smell the bamboo :bugeyes: good luck to everyone still in it!!!
  15. C, I completely understand. Sometimes I would rather tie 12 (midges in this case) patterns that are completely different than 12 that are identical. In fact, often when I get to my 12th fly, the pattern has progressed into something that looks much different than the first.
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