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  1. WOLLIE BUGGER ALL THE WAY :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i have caught some monsters on that fly and it is easy to tie
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by -=TroutMaster=-: Dont Know Yet
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by -=TroutMaster=-: Wollie Bugger
  4. This is my first how to post and i hope you like it it may bot be the best but i hope it is good easy pattern for beginners to tie Materials Size 6 Hook Large Copper Wire Green Maribou Brown Saddle Hackle Insect Green Chennile Pearl Flash those are the colors i used feel free to use any other colors you like Step One Select a Hook i use a size 6 Orvis Super Sharp Hook Then Wrap the hook shank with copper wire Then you attach your thread at the front and then go over the wire and finish at the back. Add your Maribou i used green you can use any color Add a strand of pearl flash and leave it alone till the end Tie on the small end of your Hackle i use brown saddle hackle just leave it for now Tie on your Chennile once your chennile is tied on then wrap it up the hook stop short of the eye and tie off one common mistake people make with tying this wollie bugger is they crowd the hook eye. Now take your hackle and wrap it up the hook shank with your hackle pliers and tie it off short of the hook eye. After you have all that done then take your piece of flash and wrap it up the hook shank like you did with the hackle. And your finished with your wollie bugger hope you enjoy tying my wolllie bugger Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry
  5. I have been trying wollie buggers alot i would like to tie another type of fly with these types of materials Green Maribou Brown Saddle Hackle size 6 hooks 6/0 thread pearl flash copper wire Green Chenielle that is what i have any ideas or patterns would be great!
  6. i purchased the vise off e-bay yesterday and that one had a bobbin holder on it!
  7. thanks for all the replys i hope to have all my gear by next tuesday so i can have it for our canada trip my parents got a guide for me dont know what we will be fishing for yet but i will hopefully be either bull trout or pike :headbang:
  8. My Parents are letting me get my first vise :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i am getting a terra rotary vise http://www.mwflytying.com/tools/terra.html is this a good vise or should i look at another i would like to keep it under $75 for the vise hopefully later i can buy a bobbin holder for it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: cant wait to start fly tying
  9. i was woundering if there is an easy fly that i could tie and if you could post pics and instructions that would be great :headbang:
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