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  1. Except it doesn't. The previous example does now, but didn't trigger a thread in the appropriate forum, I did that manually. Today I submitted http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern12102.html and the "comment on this" link goes to a Nov 08 thread by someone else ( http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=39054) Also no thread triggered in Salmon & Steelhead.? Is there some part of this I am missing? Michael
  2. Still having this issue - any help? Michael
  3. If I were giving a fly-fisher or fly tier two books, "Bugwater" would be one of them. I suppose I should say that the author lives about 20 miles upriver, so many of the exceptional bug photos were taken on my home water, and most directly applicable to western anglers, but allowing for that, an excellent book. Michael
  4. Nice fly, nice tie, good photo! Michael
  5. Well, not sure why a pattern database submission didn't trigger a thread, so we'll try this manually. Just tried kool-aid dying a little grey fox, thought I'd share the results. Michael
  6. Submitted a fly to the database, but no thread appears in appropriate forum - ie steelhead, etc http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern12011.html How is this supposed to work? Michael
  7. Intruders. I am surprised no one has mentioned PNW Steelhead Intruders, Pick-ur-pockets, and the like.
  8. That will fish very well here (Mckenzie River, Oregon). They are large - adults here often 1 1/2 inches long (inc wing). For more info, Arlen Thomason's book "Bugwater" has a chapter on them, including some incredible photos of each stage. Michael
  9. Nice flies, I don't see why those wouldn't work out here in Oregon, will tie some up. Thanks for posting. Michael
  10. Nice nymph. Like the hook, and is that a lavender bead? Michael
  11. Lovely ties! I got into tying and researching the bird's nest pattern this winter (I was wondering if the locally popular Possie Bugger was derived from it), and missed the piece by Kbarton10 - thanks for posting it. Michael
  12. Those are gorgeous - interesting to think of the times when such places were fresh examples of some folks sweat and dreams. Michael
  13. That ought to work, curious how your "research" goes. My bet is that they will hammer it Michael
  14. Excellent tutorial and I like your method of tying it. Last week I volunteered for a day of teaching sixth graders how to tie wooley buggers- had forty five minutes per batch of kids and they all left with 2 buggers they had tied. We tied them similarly except for tying the hackle in, which we tied the tip in back and wrapped forward. Your hackle over the eye method might be easier for them (some got a little confused about sequence when faced with rib, chenille and hackle hanging off the back), maybe next year. I also like the "indestructible wooly bugger" method, but at least in my hands it doesn't yield as attractive a fly. Michael
  15. Ok, pictures at the top of thread updated with Riverrifflesteelheadslayer's Ausable Caddis, picture courtesy of Avril. Thanks to all who participated, it was a pleasure, and I discovered some new patterns. regards, Michael
  16. Thanks Avril, I have been tearing my hair out trying to find that fly, I am sure I'll find it in a week or two... and a nice fly it is. Now if I could figure out how to get your pic in the post title I would feel better - sorry about the mix up Riffleriversteelheadslayer. Michael
  17. oh crap - I sent the flies off, then photographed, and also had a busy week, will have to locate yours. Very Sorry I think your fly was so nice it slipped into my fly box prematurely A reminder - please remember to toe tag your flies - it is a big help when distributing 130-140 flies - and also put your user name somewhere on your envelopes. Michael
  18. Added some pics to the top of the thread - forgive me if I didn't get your best fly etc. (let me know if I got something wrong) Nice job guys, and thanks for the extra flies. Michael
  19. Flies are on their way back to you, including a set to MNorton for the raffle. Thank you for the added flies, very nice. Do you want to see pics before you get your flies, or after? Michael
  20. Nicely tied! I was just sitting down to tie some of those myself. Last Saturday I took my boat up to the Mckenzie Wooden Boat Festival, and two inch long salmon flies were landing on us Michael
  21. It has been proposed that rather than returning a fly to each of you, that we donate that set to be raffled off at the Ausable River Two Fly Challenge. MNorton has volunteered to facilitate this. Fran Betters was a sponsor of the Two Fly Challenge, flies would be listed as a donation from the Flytyingforum. Sounds like a good idea to me. Michael
  22. Recieved flies from Student4evr today, and Rich5665 contacted me, he lost track of this one, so I will return one of your own flies to you. Once I get these sorted and off, I'll take some pics of the swap flies, except for those of you who posted a photo in the thread, in which case I'll use yours, and post them at the top. Great job guys, nice bunch of flies. Michael
  23. Got some excellent haystacks from Fish-Skeez today. Michael
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