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  1. I don't collect but I've been wearing this on and off since receiving it in 1969............
  2. One of my favorite places. Nice fish!!!!!!!!!
  3. Welcome home Mike. You got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I’m truly sorry for your loss Steve. I wish you peace and that you find some comfort in the memories……….
  5. I’m retired now. Prior to that, Manufacturer’s Rep for captal equipment, mixers, heat transfer equipment, metering pumps. Before that, special applications and National Sales Mgr. for a metering pump company. Now it’s fly fishing, photography and BBQ.
  6. The rest.... I hope these help.
  7. I’ve had a roll top for seven years now and like it. The first thing I did was convert my vise from clamp mounting to pedestal mount. Regarding size, I like one with drawers on both sides so this would be considered large. Also if you plan on closing it up, get one with a higher top in order to accommodate your vice height when closed. I also use a gray or white background board for contrast. Natural wood looks nice but offers little contrast when you’re tying. Some of the more modern desks were meant to accommodate computer monitors. While nice, unless you plan on mounting a monitor or Ipad, this void is a waste of space. Regarding compartments, they will be small so don’t think you’re going to be storing fur, skins or feathers up top. Mine has very few drawers but lots of open compartments. These are great for storing things you may use often, (hooks, dubbing, glues), and they will be in plain sight. My desk drawers house large plastic containers for skins, furs and hair. That said, I still have a small mountain next to the desk that contains feathers, beads and additional dubbing. I’ve attached some photos to give you an idea of my set up. Good Luck and let us know how you make out.
  8. Judging by that fly, you got this Gene. Stay at it!
  9. I thought I had Parkinsons, (tremors and balance issues). Turns out it was Essential Tremors which is treatable with meds. See what the doc says and wishing you good luck.
  10. I also use a roll top and you're going to really enjoy it. Great job Mark!
  11. Henry that desk looks deal for storage. Denduke I understand about the skin. I lost a cream cape to my golden, also named Buddy.
  12. I agree. That is indeed very generous of you.
  13. Thank you for all three of these. Truly enjoyable............
  14. There is nothing wrong with your belief. The HMH TRV is not for everyone, or their Spartan, or a Regal, or a Dyna-King Professional, or a Renzetti all of which I own. They are not for everyone. That being said, the HMH TRV is for me. As far as cost goes, I plan on spending many many hours behind the HMH TRV, if I still like it in 5-10 years from now then the cost would be negligible. I have Ping irons, and Taylor Made woods... and with every swing whether it is a slice or a hook still makes me feel like Tiger Woods in his younger years.. in other words.. I am happy with what I have at hand. Ray Bergman or a Matt Grobert I am not, but when I tighten a hook in my TRV, at that moment I am on the same par as those two great tyers. Mikechell, thank you for your response to my post. I am not here to convince you, or anyone for that matter in regards to the HMH TRV, it is solely my an mine alone opinion. I feel the same way about bamboo rods. I understand...........
  15. That's great news on all fronts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Merry Christmas folks and wishing you all a healthy and happy 2018!!!
  17. Charlie Collins is hard to beat. I have a more than few from him including grades 2 & 3.
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