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  1. Mark, Thanks for relating that story. I made me remember my dad. And, your dad knows of your right of passage.
  2. I've seen Dave Whitlock tie without using either. I watched him one time showing Flip Pallot how to tie a Carp Fly (on TV). When he was ready to finish the fly, he would add some Zap-A-Gap to the thread near the fly, make a few more turns and leave the bobbin hanging to keep the thread tight while the Zap-A-Gap dried. Then he cut the remaining thread close and added head cement. Worked like a charm. I tried it myself, but my effort didn't work as well as his. I still use a Matarelli and whip whenever i can.
  3. Graham, That fly is fantastic! You really need to enter it in the contest for the bamboo rod. I haven't seen any of the others that are entered, but yours is GREAT.
  4. Airhead, I never did see Alvin Lee in person, but I saw him on TV once. You're right about the hand being a blurr. Did Ten Wheel Drive play at Woodstock? There's another blurr.
  5. tidbit, I'm not sure what it's worth, but I maybe have a lifetime supply for 1 or 2 people. I cut most of it into 2"X2" squares, but may have bigger pieces from the original hide. I'll see if I can find it, because I just moved and some things are still packed/lost. Email me and we can talk about $$$. Maybe a trade? Use the word caribou in you subject line. OK?
  6. Airhead, Thanks for mentioning Alvin Lee. I completely forgot "Ten Wheel Drive." If you want RED HOT BLISTERIN' music, Ten Wheel Drive is for you. Still, I'm with Hendrix.
  7. Joe Walsh played tonight also on the show I watched. He did Funk 49 with Grand Funk Railroad. Santana did a duet with Clapton. It was "Jingo." Red Hot! Robert Cray was there. ZZ Top was there. Man, I'm startin' to have some serious Flash-Backs. I wish I could have been there live, but I'm sure my ticker would have failed. In the words of Ed Sullivan; "Good Show." Hendrix is still the best. Remember Electric Lady Land?
  8. Who's your favorite guitar player. My wife is watching Eric Clapton on public TV right now and it got me to thinking. Who is my favorite all time guitar player. I have enjoyed Eric Clapton, BB King, Segovia, Chet Atkins, Santana, Jerry Garcia, Jerry Reed and all the red-hot rock 'n' roll, country, classical and blues folks you can think of. But the only guy I ever saw just plain throw his fingers at a guitar and make it talk was Jimmy Hendrix. What say folks? If this is an inappropriate subject for this forum the administrators can and should delete it. P.S. BB King is playing now, so I'm going to watch TV for a bit. C'ya later.
  9. flyfishingboys, I know it's more than you said you wanted to spend, but I picked up a new Dan Vise for $75. I believe you can find one at BT's Fly Fishing Products. They are a sponsor on this site. P.S. I found one on their site. Click on Catalog and go to page 5.
  10. fcflyguy, Thanks for the welcome. Same to you. Unless I miss my guess, I only have one more post and the worms will leave my posts.
  11. I happen to have a badger hide in what I would consider perfect condition, and I'm curious if anyone knows what it might be worth. There aren't a great many flies that I know of that call for badger, but I'm sure some do. thanks,
  12. Usually I listen to Christian music, but many times I'll put on Classical. Right now I'm listening to Segovia.
  13. Thanks, I quit keepin' track, but I should be getting closer.
  14. LotechJoe

    Fly fishing

    How would I find the list? If you please.
  15. Thanks steeldrifter, Your helpin' me out a lot. 6 to go.
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