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  1. I checked that I'm just happy fooling fish...I don't tye as much as I did in previous years, we seem to be caught up in life and raising kids, I still enjoy tying very much just don't get to spend the time at the bench anymore...
  2. Prop Fly Size #4 Mustad Tail - Light Yellow or Cream Maribou Body - Light Yellow Micro Chenille Hackle - Furnace Head - Small Brass Bead and a Fly Propeller Great Idea for Fly Challenge !
  3. Our local fly shop closed, now we are stuck with Bass Pro and they don't carry a great selection there... :crying:
  4. Ha Ha - ' Made me Look' Nice fly
  5. Well I have a dyna "KING" get it ---- dyna "KING" -- LOL... you guys are a hoot Jman
  6. Anvil...Ice - 1 straight - 1 curved - 1 4" razor - Also have one pair Dr. Slick Heavy curved serated blades and I also use a pair of fiskers spring style craft scissors -
  7. I voted other - Cause I' partial to Olive or Olive and black...
  8. I agree with Harold Ray...I have ordered stuff from both places and several others...I do try to patronize the sponsors, and no you cannot get everything you want in one place. I did order the Christmas box from the Mad Scientist and I do have to say WOW, what an unbelievable deal, and he delivered as promised - I will definately be placing more orders in the future. Jman.
  9. I have a small radio that I sometimes tune to some easy listening station, but really I like to tie late at night after everyone has gone to bed and there is nothing but quiet. jman
  10. Nice, I wish we could do that here, it is a shame to let those feathers go to waste... But I understand if the law would allow you to possess these, some people would be tempted to harvest protected birds for their feathers...and we all know some people cannot resist temptation.
  11. What a great discussion this has turned out to be. Should you buy this LAW vise If you can afford it - absolutely. Will it make you a better fly tyer - probably not. Will you enjoy tying more - probably so. Will you look good doing it - definately yes.
  12. I have a soft tackle box from Bass Pro ? I think ...It holds about five of those clear individual boxes (Plano 3700 series) boxes that are about 3" x 9" x 14". Holds alot of stuff - plus some of them have moveable dividers- If you want to spend extra they even have waterproof boxes that I'm guessing are also insect proof... Works well !
  13. also something with a zipper on each end...
  14. I hate to say it but I picked fishing, I love to tie...but I also love to fish...I'm so confused...what a twisted question... jman :dunno:
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