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  1. I take it you thought pretty much everyone used it? Fact is that a couple of well tied whip-finishes gives a neat and strong head that lasts many fishes, even without any chemicals applied.
  2. R U kidding me? Of course, we all have days when not just tying, but everything chooses to malfunction or goes to hell. It's a mystery to me why these days come but they sure are annoying. Then again, it would be boring if everything went on at it's best all the time. "No fun in the long run without the boring days."
  3. TMC ceramic standard, Renzetti ruby tip midge, Matarelli midge etc.
  4. The value ought to be high. From what I've heard it's a top notch vise. However be careful with the jaws, several times have I heard rumours about the jaws being somewhat brittle. I have no experience of the vise myself though. Enjoy your new vise!
  5. Thank you for the information guys! If I'm gettting one of these it's leaning towards rite, but who knows what happens!
  6. Yes they both seem to be high-end products. Though the stonfo one is cheaper from were I can get it, but I don't quite like the big red plastic knob on the bobbin. Also I wonder about that steel-tube, how it is like compared to ceramic tubes. I agree with you on TMC, they have the prime bobbins in my opinion.
  7. Well, I bought an indian one just to try it out. That specific WF was garbage, it started to jam itself to the pipe and the rotation suffered from it. The Dr. slicks though seems to be better off in quality.
  8. As the title says I'm interested in knowing how you think these two bobbins differ. Pros and cons on each? Which one would you rather use? /G
  9. Thank you! Yes the snowshoe floats a lot better, but I guess that it does not yield quite the same silhouette as calf tail. Priorities priorities..
  10. Another video is up, featuring the increasingly popular dryfly royal coachman trude. Remember to choose HD-quality! /Jonatan and Gustav
  11. Not only cool, once you're used to it it is very fast as well
  12. Just at the jig, you were right about the flymph lacking a specific hook referral. I'm 18 but I'll turn 19 in a few months
  13. Thank you! Well actually we did at the jig-nymph, I never said it by mouth but the recipe, hook included, is listed during the rotation-scene towards the end of the fly (Hanak jig hook size 14). The flymph is tied on a Dohiku HDN 302 SH # 12 http://www.flytyingboutique.com/store/Deta...amp;category=11
  14. The talking introduction was recommended by numerous viewers at a swedish forum and so it became as it is HMH-vises are great! What's so suitable is the Spartan-vises black chassit that blends perfectly together with the black desk which makes the background. Gives some kind of near magical look to the vise Oh and if anyone is wondering, Jonatan was filming the jig-nymph (and ahead) with a Canon eos 60D and a Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.0. Crisp clear images
  15. We took the opportunity of making several tutorials during my visit to Uppsala, hence I give you the link to the video were we demonstrate how to tie a flymph using seals fur Make sure that you watch the video in HD, preferrably with a full screen! /G
  16. Hi guys! Jonatan and I continue our series of flytying tutorials, this time with far better optical conditions. Make sure to choose the HD-resolution
  17. Dude that's some really nice bugs you've got there, I like ém! Sparce spiders on heavy hooks is da shit.
  18. I know what you're talking about Dave and it SUCKS :crazy: Sorry to hear about it
  19. New year resolution? I thought no one did that any more. Myself I just hope I will be able to tie some flies, fish a little bit and survive my education here at the Royal Institute of Technology
  20. *Head explodes with envy* Best of all is, many of those old hooks are still good to use for fishing! Congrats to a fantastic find! :bugeyes:
  21. No tools for me, decided to be laidback this christmas. However, my parents gave me a very nice robe from Pellevävare. Sitting in it next to the vise, listening to Siegfried and tying some flies truly is enjoyable!
  22. That's some good stuff indeed, enjoy them! :headbang:
  23. It's my name :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
  24. Wow.. this made me happy to read. Such a warm good will
  25. I got the flies today, boy this was an epic swap! :yahoo: Many thanks to all of you and an extra thank you to rifflesteel for hosting this excellent swap
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