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  1. i just had to lay my mutt Bondo down for the last time. I did give her a good brushing before heading in and after her last breath i snipped some tail hair. I tied a fly that night and it will be framed with my wifes favorite picture of Bondo. May she run without pain again. we will miss her. Don
  2. 1 xl in dk chocolate would fit just fine thank you Don
  3. pics are up in the classic streamer and wet fly section checkout the NFL streamers tight lines Don
  4. Hi everyone, been lurking around here long enough. thought i would say hello. I live in central Ma. with my wife of 17 years Nancy and our dog Bondo. I work for a local DPW which i started last fall after doing collision repair for 30 years. I have been fishing all my life, and made the switch to FF 12-14 years ago, and have been tying for the last 5. trout is the name of the game, we do get a fall LL salmon run from the Wachussett reservoir up into the Stillwater river. and i do some saltwater striper fishing when time and tides are right. nice to finally chime in. I hope to get some pics up of a streamer project i have been working on. tight lines. Don Soar AKA trout hunter 77
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