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  1. I just built it as I went, no plans. I got a few ideas from other ones I've seen.
  2. Thanks everyone. I used it today for the first time and like it a lot. The trash drawer with the hole on top worked great for keeping the mess under control. There was a couple changes I would make but nothing major. Now I just need to work on my tying skills.
  3. I have to tighten my screws really tight to hold smaller hooks I can see how they might strip out. Other then that once I got it adjusted the way I like it it's not bad. I'm still pretty new at tying so the only other vise I can compare it to is a stationary kit vise I have. I like the rotary a lot better.
  4. Just finished building my new tying station. Built from rough cut cherry wood. I cast the antler knobs and front supports from resin.
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