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  1. I will have my imitation posted by sat.I've been guiding every day on the muskegon and manistee rivers for salmon and trout.We caught a few steelies on the manistee with small trout (4-6 in.) streamers in rainbow and juvenile brown tied about 18 inches behind a single egg pattern#8 in oregon cheese and washed out orange yarn. The muskegon produced some nice browns that were feeding below the spawning salmon on the same egg colors and green #8 nymphs. We did great on smallmouth, just by accident, in some of the deeper slower runs and pools.The heads and tailouts were the most consistent.Nothing giant, just 10 - 16 inch smallies.A lot of fun during the middle of the day.The majority were taking 2-4 inch "Crabsters" a weighted fly I tie that combines attributes of shrimp, lobsters, crawdads and crabs in a flourocarbon weedguard design with the hook riding up. I look forward to finishing this reptile.It's been fun. [email protected]
  2. I am just about finished and will post pic.on thursday.I have 3 days of guiding yet this week so I only have an hour or so a night to work on the fly.I finished my first replica and when I cast it, it always landed on its' back.I corrected the problem last night. [email protected]
  3. Thank you. I appreciate your advice. This forum has been enlightening to me with a large fraternity of extremely knowledgeable members! Thanks to all who have input on this site.John
  4. Fred, I use Tuffleye in place of epoxy.I have switched over to it based on my conversations with Bob Popovics. I am not aware of any flaws with this acrylic polymer and would appreciate any knowledge you have regarding its' flaws. Please let me know what they are.I can tell you are a perfectionist ,as am I, and I do not want to use a product that could back and haunt me down the road.If my fishing buddies find these flaws, they would thoroughly enjoy telling me about for years to come.They have enough "dirt" on me as it is.I don't want them to have any more weapons to use against me.They would have too much fun reminding me.It is not that I would not deserve it! Thanks, John
  5. Fred, I was curious if you could etch various fish pics. on my teeth? Maybe a big trout chasing a school of minnows for my upper teeth and on my bottom teeth some gravel and logs? Maybe 4 sets of dentures that could reflect the various seasons?John Bigtroutflies.com
  6. Fred, I am new to this forum and I am tying the Lizard using synthetic hair. I am packing the hair similar to packing with deer hair and coloring the pattern with an air brush.I am using 100 lb. nylon coated seven strand leader material that will allow the tail section to "swim" with the tail section moving from side to side.The legs and fingers are created with 20 lb. wire to allow some movement to those appendages,also. I am very impressed with your realistic creations! Are you related to Michaelangelo? I was curious as to why you are using epoxy and not a clear acrylic polymer like "Tuffleye " because of your real job as a creater of dental products. Thanks, John "Bigtroutflies.com"
  7. If you want them to realistically depict a specific baitfish with the correct 3-Dimensional profile,try this: Place some fibers on each side of the fly to create shoulders.I use a length the size of your hook shank and on the upper third of the fly.This will create that 3-D profile that real baitfish have.Take a look at my website bigtroutflies.com and I have Clousers tied with a 3-D profile.This should give you a good idea of how I tie them. Your flies,however, look just fine.
  8. I tie big(up to 14 inches) flies that are watershedding, lightweight, durable and castable.I cast my 14 inch flies with a 10 wt and 10 inch flies with an 8 wt. The placement of materials on the hook shank allows theses big flies to be completely non-fouling.bigtroutflies.com Take a look at my website and you should get a lot of ideas on colors,sizes and patterns .
  9. Take a look at my website and you will find a plethora of flies for pike and muskies. Pick one you like and I will send it to you.No charge. We share knowledge why not flies,too! www.zerogravityflies.com or www.bigpikeflies.com Capt. John
  10. I can tie it for you. Send me your address and tell me what size you want,hook size,type(carbon or stainless steel) and length. I will not charge you for it.You could just send me a fly that you have tied.Let's swap.John from www.bigtroutflies.com
  11. I think if we picked a specie,such as a yellow perch,alewife,blueback herring,golden shiner,walleye rainbow trout .etc... and then have members tie and submit a fly that represents that specie,would be a great idea. I have been tying realistic baitfish patterns for over 20 years.The fly should be castastable, lightweight, non-fouling, and have the correct 3 dimensional profile of the intended specie.The fly should also have the movement that fish have.A trout or perch swims with the head stationary while the tail section kicks back and forth as it moves through the water. I accomplish this by placement of materials on the hook shank.The fly must swim upright and not cant or veer off. The belly should have less material and the back and shoulders thicker to accomplish this movement.I am happy to share how I tie my flies with anyone.Let me know and I will explain my process.I love contests and by me sharing all I know it means more competition with equal knowledge.This forum( website) in my opinion,is intended to share knowledge and allows members to have more fun and on the water ,more success.Let's bring more creativity and ultimately more excitement to our shared interest, fly tying.I have a website that depicts many realistic baitfish imitations.Take a look at it and I know it can give all tyers more ideas.If you see a fly that you would like to tie, just contact me and I will share the recipe.Sharing knowledge is what,I believe, this website/forum is all about. www.zerogravityflies.com or www.bigtroutflies.com Knowledge is to be shared not kept secret. I would also be happy to donate a half dozen of my realistic flies to the winner.Let's share what we know. It is the right thing to do.
  12. I have been tying extremely large(up to 14 inches)Castable,non-fouling realistic baitfish imitations for many years. Many fly tyers I meet on lakes and rivers ask me how I can use such large flies and still cast them with an 8 wt..The key is choosing synthetic materials and the placement of the material on the hook.If anyone is interested please contact me and I would be happy to email instructions.Take a look at my website and pick out a fly you want to learn how to create and I will email instructions. zerogravityflies.com Capt.John
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