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  1. Excellent mate sent you a pm with my addy and things i'll get them done and post out over the next week.
  2. Can a Scot's man join in? I'll send $ to cover the return postage?
  3. Very nice Terje i'll be adding some of them to my box for next year.
  4. Traffic light hot spot spider Olive Hopper Crochet fry Dabblers daddy muddler Uffes killer
  5. Rich mine will be in the post on thursday/friday.
  6. Claudia love the fly what kind of feather is the main one on the wing and underside?
  7. Just to let you know mate i'll tie up a size 16 Jaffahog. its a pattern from Orkney Scotland.
  8. I'm in I'll let you know what i'm tying up tomorrow mate.
  9. Two of my eforts with Andres arrowheads. Bucktail and funky fiber Bucktail
  10. Got my flies today thanks everyone all the flies are realy good and thanks joe for hosting this swap. The stand out flies for me are Claudias , Fly tryer and fly fischa infact they all are good there is not one fly there that will not catch fish. Joe you fly is something special is it a classic style fly? don't think i'll be fishing with this one its for the display. Mark
  11. Think i forgot to put the name of my fly mate. Its a Kate MacLaren a good scottish wet fly
  12. Katy macs will be in the post in the morning.
  13. I'll tie up some Kate MacLaren's
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