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  1. Not in Johnson City, but fish the area all the time.... Two of the most dynamice tailwaters in the country(SoHo and the Watauga) and offers shots at Smallmouth, Stripers, Brown Rainbows and Brooks. Fishing wise it is a dynamic area
  2. Yeah man, it's been a good one.... The bane of the South Holston the last five years for sure!
  3. BigHenderson, go to the festival in the afternoon after fishing at the Tuckaseegee in the morning.... Bam! Problem solved..
  4. Definitely a fair fish. I believe in some fishing comps anything forward of the operculum is considered a fair fish so you are way in the clear by that definition...
  5. I thought it was Doug Prince.... time to google!
  6. By the time you pay for a Forestry permit, and a million dollar liability policy, the overhead of the shop and all the other costs associated with taking you fishing, I can assure you $175 is nothing but a drop in the bucket... On the other hand, I am also a fishing guide... Guides shouldn't expect a tip because they are just that, a nice thing at the end of the day. But not to be expected. But also know that guides work hard at their jobs as well, and their is a lot of work that you don't see before and after the trip, and it is nice to be rewarded for a job well done. Just do what feels right is the best advice I can give you.. Hopefully you enjoy your day!
  7. Look up black widow..... I posted it on here a while back and they put the sbs on the hatches sites... It will get you down and catch fish
  8. Thanks fellas, I have been looking at all my local fabric stores and no luck. Of course I Googled it and you can buy anything off of the Internet, but I like to see stuff before I buy it, especially a whole yard of it.. Just wondering if anyone knew what the story was with Hareline or if someone had a different material, but thanks anyway
  9. So I have heard that Hareline is dropping Ultra Suede. Anyone know anything about this? I need the patches but I can't find them locally anymore . If someone knows a good substitute I would like to hear about it. Thanks fellas...
  10. Nice fly, reminds me of a Big Bear Baetis Emerger... This would be a great BWO nymph!
  11. Yeah, I have gotten into the habit of that so I can see what they are really going to look like when I fish them... Its cool looking too!
  12. Hook: Size 10 Curved Caddis hook of any kind to suit your needs Bead: 4 mm gold or black Thread: Brown 6/0 or 140 denier Lead: .020 Body: DMC 422 on top, 738 on bottom Thorax: Hares Ear Diamond Brite I tied this for a steelhead trip to imitate meal worms, grubs, maggoty type things that they like to eat. The steel loved it and then when I came home my South Carolina trout loved it as well. I think I used the "granny" weave, I don't know the name of it exactly. This is easy to tie and super effective, enjoy!
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