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  1. I love the Nor-Vise with the midge jaw conversion Kit. I've got many other vises but, That's the one that I use the most. And it has a good warranty.
  2. I Love my Nor-Vise. I have several other brands but, I tye on it the most.
  3. I hope that they were barbless.... :bugeyes: good job maybe she'll get her classmates interested in tying now.
  4. If it's a decent sized swap 3-6. If it's a "specialty " swap with just a few people (12 or less) 6-12. Some swaps are a lot of work to organize and get everyones flys out. Then there are those that make you wait ( and wait ) for their flys.....
  5. That is reasonable if you feel that you got your monies worth certainly. I often get tips for my fly tying classes. But, then again I try to give somebody that's paying for knowledge 150%. That's what makes people come back.
  6. White body (feather or zonker strip) Red collar (Feather, cross cut rabbit, Polar bear, etc.) works great
  7. sounds like you need to either get a job or go out and buy another vise if you've already got a job.
  8. Why not just support your local fly shop? They probably have much more to offer you and without the corporate hoopla... What do you think you're going to have once all of the little guys shut their doors?
  9. If your going now, til JUNE Chironomids. june- july Mayflys, July 15-August15 Damsel Nymphs, Theres a good Caddis hatch during this period too. You might find the flies that your looking for at the shop in Lone Butte. Of Course all of my favorite patterns are tyed using Liquid Lace.
  10. That's a great site Ray, Thanks for sharing!
  11. My first choice is the Liquid Lace Chironomid tyed with the gold lace and secondly the Liquid Lace Damsel because it is a summer fly.
  12. Have you tried Chuckar or partridge?
  13. If I have barbed hooks that I'm going to fish , I pinch otherwise like " Willied" said, buy barbless.
  14. Capes go around the neck (what Superman and Batman wear) Saddles go on the horses back and stop before the "rump". The rump Feathers go to the butt. There are also the Crest Feathers Those are the "Crown" of the Birds and Then the Chest feathers (self explanatory) This is the way I explain it to the Cub Scouts and 4-H kids. They get it right away. This is /was not meant to be a "smart-ass" reply so don't take it as such.
  15. there is some great info above in both posts. I too use Dawn to remove any blood or goobies before I process and "dry the feathers or hides with Borax, aluminum Sulfate or hide tanners. It really cleans the feathers good and doesn't seem to leave too much scent on them. I ALWAYS do this prior to dying any feathers as well so the dyes can penetrate.
  16. great job! I was thinking about the contrasting color covering the work area too. right before you said it.
  17. I primarily tye True rotary and use this function of a vise more often than not. Remember that a Rotary vise can "lock up" and become a "stationary" vise but, a stationary vise cannot go full True rotary.... Sounds like you already answered your own question though.
  18. I don't think the photo of that Chironomid loaded properly. I'll try it again...
  19. I agree with the above post. I've been using Pantone pens with the Liquid Lace Product for several years now and I'll guarantee that the Liquid Lace Chironomid will outfish your buddies 5:1. No fooling! I don't know about other permanent markers though. The only ones that i Primarilly use are Pantone, Prismacolor, Letraset. I also use sharpies but mainly the black because it's cheaper to buy that the others and black is black. The better the pen the richer and better the colors , I'll say that much. Sharpie colors don't have much Depth for my uses
  20. Good for you Chris and I hope you have many creative hours behind your new vise this year! Happy New Year!
  21. Hard as wraps will work good if you're not using Epoxy. One thing that you might consider is tying up a dozen buzzers and coating them all at once using a wheel fly drier. That way you only have to make one batch.
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