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  1. I have only been tying for about a year, getting my feet wet in fly fishing by something other than leaky waders after a long hiatus from the sport. My flies aren't anything close to the quality you would buy in a shop, but they can fool a trout once in a while and I really enjoy catching fish on my own flies. I always felt they could be better, but wasn't quite sure how to bring this about, figured it would come in time and concentrated on basics....then I read this thread. Previously I had been using some strung hackle I picked up for 5 bucks at the shop, figured feathers are feathers. Boy, was I wrong ! After reading this I went and bought a Whiting quarter saddle, and can't believe the difference !!! My flies look 200% better, easier to tie... it's like a whole new world. The $5 strung stuff is going straight into the Purgatory Box or get donated to my daughter-in-law who is a crafty person, probably never to see the light of my bench again. Thanks to all for your input on this, it really made a difference. I'm gonna go tie a few more.... *returns to the corner to sit quietly, listen and learn*
  2. Know the place well, but never flipped a fly there. My former in-laws lived right across the road from the Wolf House. Made the float from Norfork to Calico Rock many times. Nice pictures, made me a little nostalgic for the area.
  3. I use a "book light" that is sold for reading in bed. It clamps to anything, has 2 brightness levels, is on a small gooseneck and since it uses LEDs, batteries last forever. Cost about 10 bucks.
  4. TK- here it is for the .223 Bullet weight............Twist rate 50-52 grn...............1:14 55 grn....................1:12 60 grn.....................1:12 68-69 grn................1:9, 1:10 75 grn.....................1:9 80 grn.....................1:8 85-90 grn................1:7 Find your twist rate, and use the appropriate weight bullet. Mike
  5. Nice pics, Jim. I better get up into the high country and get some photos before it's too late (again). Mike
  6. i am sort of aware i have discused it with my mates before but i will probably just figure it out with just trying a variety of things Here is a link to a chart that provides the best bullet weight for barrel twist by caliber. Use the 2nd table on the page. If you reload for your rifle, shouldn't be a problem getting a good load. Barrel twist rate and bullet weight
  7. You might want to check out the Savage Stevens 200 Favorite- 5 shot bolt action- retails for under $300US, or the H&R Ultra series, also around $300US, but single shots. I don't know if they are available down under, but both are pretty good firearms for not a lot of money. Are you aware that the .223 is pretty picky about the rate of barrel twist and bullet weight ? Accuracy can be really terrible with the wrong weight of bullet/twist combination, but can improve significantly with the right weight bullet.
  8. The Arkansas River, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Colorado. Taken last week.
  9. I'd give that one a try in a heartbeat. Nice fly.
  10. Looks like it depends on who you check with. Websters Revised Unabridged Dictionary says both Tyer and Tier. American Heritage Dictionary says Tier. English....go figure.
  11. Regular was $3.53 here (Colorado) yesterday. Some stations have raised to $3.70 overnight, while others have not. I guess the next few days will tell the tale.
  12. I'm glad you guys liked it. It really helped me to be able to see all the way around the fly. I'd like to see him post more types, but I bet each one is a ton of work.
  13. A member of a fishing forum here in Colorado has set up a website with some excellent photos of flys. He said he has recently added some new photos. His site is a fine example of not only what can be done with photography and a website, but also what can be done with hair, thread and feathers. Click on a name at the left of the page, and then the fly. I think you will enjoy.... http://www.flytyingclips.com note to mods/admins- I got the OK from Steeldrifter to post this site Mike
  14. Tear 'em up, Stony. I'll try to keep the rain on my side of the mountain.
  15. First fish on a fly was a rainbow trout about 8 inches long, caught on a Trude variant that my uncle tied. This was on Lime Creek, a tributary of the Animas River in SW Colorado. I spent the afternoon in that cold stream in cut offs and sneakers, up to my knees and having the time of my life. It was the first time I had ever fly fished, and the beginning of the madness.
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