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  1. You are right, 'threatened' may not be the correct word, and, if not, what word would describe the defense of a position that should be everyone's position. It is 'pointing out of the obvious' to state that a subjective endeavor should be left to the individual to decide. Using the word 'best' any other superlative to describe an item requires documentation. Without documentation, it is implied that the source of the attachment of a superlative is the writer. After all, its a forum, a vehicle for casual conversation via the Internet. I don't give any credibility to information on the forum above the level of opinion, and I don't assume anyone else does. At this point, I would like to return to the subject of this post and start another thread sometime after more consideration to help make the forum more productive. And, thanks for your perspective 92Esquire.
  2. If I may, why do you not intend to own a Renzetti?
  3. I think rating a vise as the "best of the best" lies in the eyes, fingers and hands of the beholder. There is no "best" vise. What one or a few people say does not apply to all. I agree completely with you on an individual level. In fact I do not think that anyone would disagree that everyone has the right to choose a vise, or any other product, or even which technique to use, using any criteria that individual chooses or wants. To clarify, my comment is meant as a generalization not intended to bestow a title that is why I chose the use of the statement qualifiers in the sentence; qualifier one is the use of the word 'seems', meaning a feeling I gather from reading many of the posts on the forum and, the second qualifier is the use of combination of the two words 'referred to', meaning that others often site this as the vise of choice. I used these two statement qualifiers to make a general statement. I have read many posts that contain the common theme that your post contains. I don't understand how it is perceived as some sort of threat to search for a reference vise. Lists and rankings are often subjective, just look at Olympic gymnastics or figure skating. I think that members and readers of this forum can identify opinion and take it as such. It is important to understand that it is the search for and the included debate of which comes a growth of insight obtained from others that is important.
  4. Did you determine the various ideal locations through trial and error? And, if so, how long did it take to get a feel for the apparatus?
  5. Yes, and it is a good looking vise, one of the top three mentioned with the Law and the Abel in the forum. And I think the anodized black version is the best looking vise they produce. Here's my line of thinking so far: The Law seems to be referred to as the best of the best. The Renzetti Master's price is the deterrent for me. I would buy the Law for, depending on the day's exchange rate, $650usd to $800usd before I would buy either of the other two given that price range. So, with the Abel being offered now at a much lower price, for me the choice is the Abel, at least at this point.
  6. My correspondence has been through email. I thought that they would be busy with Christmas parties, shutdown for the holidays and general distraction of the week before Christmas. The brass is going to be priced at $450. The difference in the current brass edition and the Abel Supreme is the base. The Supreme had a brass base and the current edition has an anodized black aluminum base. I have emailed Mr. Patterson the day before Christmas to inquire about the price of the black vise; I have not yet had a reply and I would guess that they will not be back until next week. I like the black as well and I would guess that it will be a bit less than the brass. The all Abel Supreme (the all brass and copper) use to retail for $795, the black anodized version's former retail was $500 and there is one part of the Abel website that seems to say that the black vise was reduced to $349, again, these prices refer to the former production of the vise not current. Here's a link to that page: Abel Vise Page Note at the top of the page that the vise has been discontinued. Then, as you scroll down, you can see the prices listed. You can also use the links to the other Abel vise pages. Mr. Patterson said that these vises would be on the website as it would be updated to include them just after the first of the year, so if the above link does not work, their update has probably been completed, just do a search for 'abel vise' and choose a link for the Abel website. Mr. Patterson also wrote that the vises will come with the padded case, the bobbin cradle, and the rotary handle. An early edition of the Supreme just sold on ebay, the one I referred to in the opening post of this topic, met the reserve and sold for $400 on ebay. The vise looked to be in very good condition and included the case and was signed and dated by Steve Abel, which would be of value to a collector, but is of little value for me. This vise was missing the bobbin cradle and the rotary handle was not included or available for the early version of the vise, and Mr. Patterson wrote in response to my first email that the early versions did not have a tap in the rotary knob to add the handle.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, holiday travel. Here are the pictures sent to me from Mr. Patterson.
  8. I have been looking for a vise. For me the choice came down to three, the Law, the Renzetti Master, and the Abel Supreme. The Norvise was also a contender and one that may become my second vise, but it seems to be a separate tool which could complement a bench rather than be the primary vise. In searching Ebay, Law's never appeared, and I didn't expect them to see them as per comments on the forum. Renzetti's vises are available in any model, new or used, any time, in a wide range of prices. An Abel would come up from time to time; currently there is an all brass and copper Supreme with a 'Buy It Now' of $595 and a current offer of $355 with the 'Reserve Not Met', but it is missing the bobbin cradle and the rotary handle. I emailed Abel from their contact email address on their website to ask about the possibility of getting a replacement cradle and handle also expressing my disappointment that what seemed to one of the top three vises in world had been discontinued. The email that I received, I did not expect. Mr. Jeff Patterson, director of sales with Abel, replied to my email. He stated that the bobbin cradles and rotary handles are still available and will continue to be available for $50 and $25 respectively. Mr. Patterson stated that they had just finished a run of the brass and copper Supreme with a black anodized aluminum base. He included a picture and it is beautiful. I then emailed to ask if other models would be made available and he replied that a full black anodized aluminum with stainless steel shaft. Both have stainless steel jaws. I asked for Mr. Patterson for permission to put this information on the forum. He granted permission and also thanked me for doing so. I thought there may be others who are interested. I will be glad to post the two photos that I have or send them to anyone interested. Mr. Patterson further stated that the vises should be on their website just after the holidays.
  9. The Revolution is a Regal vise, it is a spinning true rotary version akin to the Norvise.
  10. does anyone have any experience with the regal revolution?
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