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  1. Imax screens are about 3x the size of a typical movie theater screen. I remember going to one back in school for a field trip. It was called "Flight" or something like that. Basically you felt like you were hanging from the bottom of a helicopter flying around mountains and stuff. I caught myself a few times leaning forward thinking I was going to fall out of my seat!! It is really a neat feeling. Cant wait for this!!
  2. I was browsing around the trout unlimited site and came across this news of a fly fishing movie to be released in about a year. Looks very interesting! You will need acrobat reader to view it. http://www.tu.org/pdf/pressrelease_imax.pdf
  3. I have Broadband Cable internet. It has incredible speed! Ive had it for over 2 years now and will never go back to dial up. There is no crappy software to eat up your system resources, its the best In my opinion. Though I do pay $34 a month for it...
  4. There is no easy way to do it.. The best way is to remove all of the keys and clean it out that way. Just remember where all the keys go!! To remove them just pry them off with a knife or anything that will fit. They will just pop off. And press them back on when your done. Hope this helps -Tim
  5. Ill take a dozen please j/k Great work!
  6. Wow, that is very nice!! wish I could do things like that...
  7. Its all about having materials ready to go. So before I attach thread to the hook I will have the materials all ready to be tied on as I go. With that said, it takes me around 10 minutes for a typical dry or nymph.
  8. TroutNerd


    crank on your axe... LOL
  9. Wow that is gross to think about
  10. TroutNerd

    Jump Drive update

    Good stuff! Sounds like its working great.
  11. Simply amazing. I see flies like that and compare them to flies I thought were good when I tied them, and laugh. Maybe someday! Great Job man, Looks just like the picture did.
  12. My Aunt has a 40 year old red macaw. I never thought to ask for the feathers! Thanks for the idea
  13. Congrats!! I dont think anyones first fly was all that great so just keep at it and you will be tying them like mad in no time
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