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  1. try the flysafe box it holds speys pretty well, and the oposing sides are staggered so the wings dont get crushed.
  2. most of the full dressed salmon flies i tie, i tie for my self and thy all end up being fished at some point. i have sold 2 unframed flies, but i dont really like to sell them. the only fly i've ever framed is owned by my ex girlfriend who dosen't fish.
  3. rio slick shooter is amazing stuff, i've been using it for about four years on my spey shooting heads. not only does it go through the guides like nothing but it also fishes well i'd highly recomend it.
  4. jasonk

    Good Rods?

    id go for a sage fli, a fast action sage for a decent price...you cant loose. as nice as the tfo rods are the sage is much better. other than that id go for the echo rods slighty nicer than the tfos and they come with a case.
  5. the Rio, rio grand for fast action rods, the selective trout for presentaion purposes, and all their sink tips for the spey. i only use sa for their xxd and thats purly a distance casting line.
  6. rhea is an excellant spey hackle for large flys second to none in the water. pheasant tails also make good spey hackle and in dyed colours provide interesting contrast. some species of pheasants' tails (such as amherst) work best if you burn the flu off use a mix of 4 parts water to one part bleach and wash the feathers off in vinigar. make sure not to leave the feathers in the bleach too long or they will be useless. also it works best if you split of strip the fibers first. for smaller, fishing speys blue or white eared pheasant works well. jason
  7. a spey swap! im in for sure.
  8. the lightweights are made of gore tex, which makes it easy to find pinhole leaks. basicly the inside of the gore tex is white and if you rub it with rubbing alchol any leaks will appear black. the freestones are not made of gore tex so they are harder to patch. my self i'd spring for the lightweights.
  9. 1- stimulator 2- elk hair caddis 3- chernoble ant
  10. i put eyes on most of my flies, how can you expect a fly to work if it cant see where its going?
  11. jasonk


    all the lampson reels are nice the new radius is much improved over the old model and is very nice, it would be a good choice if you wanted to save some money. the litespeed is a very nice reel, as is the vilocity. all the lampson reels share a common drag and i have yet to see it fail. lampson reels have a very good large arbor design, truly a benifit if your making fairly long casts.
  12. i recived my flies today, thanks to everyone some really nice looking flies. ill give them a swim for summer runs this year. hunthicks-thanks for hoasting the swap. the materials for my polar shrimp are as follows: thread- fl. shell pink ultra thread (distributed by wapsi) tag- lagartans gold embossed tinsel tail- natural golden pheasant tippet strands body- shrimp pink seal fur dubbing (distributed by Super Fly) rib-same as tag hackle- shrimp pink premium strung neck hackle (also distributed by Super Fly) wing- natural polar bear hair. hope the pattern catches you some fish this fall. if you havent heard of them Super Fly is a canadian tying materials distributer, they dye all their own stuff and also sell the dyes. im not sure if your shops back east stock their products, but if they dont send me a pm and I can help you get a hold of some. thank again to all jason
  13. id be interested as long as the due date is fairly late. a one-forone spey swap would be very cool speys are my true passion.
  14. i would second the lamson vilocity as it is hands down the best reel on the market at its price range. the conical drag that it uses provides excellent stopping power, and is maintnence free. other than that i would recomend an old hardy clicker.
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