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  1. I think the carp will give their nod of approval.
  2. I like these. Cool work.
  3. I like your tying room. Looks like it will work perfectly for you.
  4. Well, the flat wing folds over the top when it is wet. The fibers of schlappen give movement, as well as the polar flash. There is no way a fish will miss seeing it in the water. I have not used it on a river, so I can't tell you about that yet. It is a light fly, but if you want to add weight to it, you certainly can. The amount of fluoro fibre is very small. It is mainly to give a touch of blue, and shine. I was very generous with the polar flash though. Polar Flash has great movement, and flash. I like the pearl for this pattern. I also like the lighter color lower, then put the blue fluoro fibre on top, before the teal wing is placed on top.
  5. Thanks guys. I forgot to say that before. I was so surprised that Ray posted pics and all, that I was not thinking straight...lol. I want to go to the Blue River and try this fly out. Our lakes are still very low from the drought we've had for about 3 years now. I will be glad when the fish come back up. We rarely see any Smallies where I fish.
  6. Ray, I am so very pleased that my fly did well for you. This is very exciting to hear. Congrats on that nice fish, and the first Smallie of the year too. It was an honor for me, for you to try my fly out. Thank you Ray. I am tickled pink. :-)
  7. Great looking spinner flies. They will work well for you!
  8. All of them look like supreme fish getters to me, great job!!
  9. They look very productive to me!
  10. Fred, your frogs are my favorite works. LOVE THEM.
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