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  1. heres a link to a photo, about 3/4 of the way down the page. http://www.drakemag.com/messageboard/viewt...f=6&t=12590 JohnP
  2. Thanks for the reply Dave, you can never get too much info!!!! Dave's fly is awesome and Kaos it would be for me to try and tie. I joked around before saying the only way I could get a wing to look like that would be if I built a large married wing and had it so predicably blow out on me when I tried to mount it, maybe I have something there Anyway thanks again for the info. JohnP
  3. Hi All, I'm reading a little on Blacker flies and somewhere I see reference to green parrot tail, i think i have seen it referenced in Kelson as well. I was just wondering what kind of parrot would they be talking about. I've seen Blue&Gold, Scarlet, yellow but not green? Thanks,JohnP
  4. Ashby, I can only throw in my 1/2 cent here I don't know what you mean by show fly (I will assume it just means a beautiful tied fly). When I tie hairwing salmon flies I usually tie in the 2-10 range, when I think of classics or full dress flies I think 1/0 and bigger. That said once you have the basic proportions down you can tie a great looking fly on a size "whatever" as long as you have the material to do it. It would be hard to tie a full dress Jock Scott on a size 8 hook mainly because you could'nt get everything required to fit on a hook of that size and get the same look as it would on a 6/0, same as a green butt bear looks good on a size 8 but can't imagine it on a size 8/0. To me both of these flies can be framed. Besides the general rules on proportions, many will tell you looking good is really what looks good to you. When I tie fishing flies I usually tie them so I have a mix, some longer in the wing, some shorter, some with fuller wings some sparse, etc, etc. Only a few will be of the frequently published proportions. I then pick one out that I think the fish will like. Which by the way is really the one that looks nice to me at that time. Which goes back to its what looks good to you! Hope this helps a little. JohnP
  5. I would concur with Redleg's selection as far as the lake ontario tribs, black stones, various egg patterns, buggers and leeches all work there. Simple selection is all you need but filling the boxes with everything imaginable is more fun. JohnP
  6. Martin, I believe Jens also has some quetzel subs available, not sure what he uses. JohnP
  7. a couple of other older books out there are "flies for steelhead" by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen, its just patterns and "steelhead fly tying guide" by H. Kent Helvie. JohnP
  8. Ronn, The body is unbelievably beautiful, five hours thats how long it takes me stare at my hook waiting for something to happen! JohnP
  9. Sqart, love that streamlined style of fly, looks so fishable but, too pretty to fish!!! JohnP
  10. Dave, No IC there, still just gazing at them! However, my next one may be this other thing I have in my head which certainly needs IC at least for the tail veiling. Just have not got the design past the tail :dunno: JohnP
  11. Thanks Everyone for the kind words, I been lurking around here for a while gathering information now its time to start using it. Awesome site with no shortage of great tyers. JP
  12. After getting some much needed guidance from John at feathersmc and Dave Potts motivating me to post here I decided to put my first attempt at a classic out here. Did the best I could with the camera. As you can see there is plenty of room for improvement. The underwing was done higher purposely I thought it would make the fly look less busy but I see now I should have tied it lower anyway. Now on to another for practice. JohnP
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by johnpem: Adjutant (click link for more info)
  14. Thanks for the replies, John the self twisting seems easy enough. By the way the folding hackles problem I had went away I watched the Mike R. DVD and switched to using my right hand for the work versus the left and that did the trick, go figure, right idea, wrong dexterity. :wallbash:
  15. Hi All, Just a quick question, what is everyone using for lace tinsel. I have some uni silver twist but can't seem to find the veniard's or any other manufacturer for that matter in different sizes anywhere. Thought about making my own but that could turn into a mess! Thanks,JP
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