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  1. I run into the same thing, enter a postal code and it comes back as already sent. I had not even noticed that link until your post. <----- GAH! a member for nearly three years now and still a bait fisherman...Would have figured that I would have more to say!
  2. Never, don't have an ipod. I do listen to the radio though, but without a headset.
  3. Cannot wait to see this when it comes out! <--- You would figure, that after nearly three years reading the boards I would have at least progressed past bait fisherman! Perhaps it's time to start posting some more...
  4. I got a copy of LaFontaine's "Caddisflies", been wanting it for a while now...
  5. http://www.flyfisherman.com/ftb/hwvise/index.html That link will take you to a run through of the various 2004 models of vises around. As fly~by~night said, peak vises appear to be excellent quality for the price. Peak now offers a c-clamp as well. The new mongoose vises from Griffin (blackfoot and montana) also look quite good.
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