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  1. I'm sorry, boiling in vinegar is for antiqueing copper or brass. Ralph
  2. You might boiling the screws/bolts in vinegar to stain them. I read about this method, haven't tried it,but it may work? Ralph
  3. I like marbles better than split shot, marbles don't penetrate the operator. Ralph
  4. My wife thinks I brush the cats to save her a little work, ROFLMAO. A shorthair pure black, and an orange & black & white longhair. Ralph
  5. I use a Duncan Loop or a Palomar, most of the time it's a Duncan Loop. When I'm bait fishing with 2# test, always a Palomar. Ralph
  6. That is the way I tie my version of a Black Gnat in sizes 10 & 12. Only I use #94840 and mash the barb flat. I need to think about the circle hook. Looks good and catches lots of big Gills & shellcrackers. Ralph
  7. Mummichogs??? What're those in english? Ralph
  8. Thanks guys. I felt like a real :poop: for calling the water troopers instead of fighting my own fight. I feel better about my lack of action now. Ralph
  9. Ralph Jones

    The JERK.

    There I was, fishing a dropoff about 30 feet from the bank on the Warrior River. I was facing the bank about 60 feet away so I could drop a wooly Worm off the edge of the dropoff & catch suspended Bluegills and Shellcrackers (big ones, some 9 to 11 inch long) when this Bass jerk powers up and commences to fish between me and the bank, putting his boat almost exactly where I'm casting. I don't know him and don't know why he picked this spot to fish unless he was harassing the jonboat guy (me). This son of something diseased and obscene proceeds to curse me out for telling him what he did wrong. Then he throws a beer can at me. I Let Him Live. He made me so angry I had to just sit there and tremble in rage so as not to go 'Postal'. I did take down his Ala. boat number from the bow of his bassboat and when he was too far away to see what I was doing I called the game warden and accurately described him, his boat, and the incident, especially the Beer can. A couple of hours later I saw him cuffed in the water troopers boat with his being towed behind. If he had not made me so Angry that I wanted to remove him from the gene pool I would have never done such a thing. Sure, if he'd been poaching. Oh, here in Alabama they are sure death on alcoholic beverages on the water. Twenty years ago I'd have gone to jail over this. If I did wrong, what should I have done? Ralph
  10. Any size to the gills? Ralph
  11. From the looks of that fly you should tear them up. Ralph
  12. Ralph Jones


    I was just at Walmart and I heard the absolute Worst ringtone ever. Bobcat Goldwaite(sp.), the loud villain in the first 'Police Academy' movie, yelling in full scream, "Answer The Phone Stupid!", repeat, repeat... The guy was ignoring it. What's the worst ringtone you've heard? Ralph
  13. Before I learned not to get the curve of the hook in the plier jaws I broke quite a few. Ralph
  14. I buy & use Mustad, EagleClaw, and Cabela's hooks for flytying. I read the internet or watch TV while I mash down the barbs at a 90% angle with a pair of mini-needlenose pliers. In the last 20+ years of doing this I've lost one or two hooks per 100ct. box or less to hook breakage, if that many. I put the hook barb in the grooves cut across the points of the pliers and am carefull to get none of the hook curve in the pliers. Oh, BTW, I only tie down to a #14 hook. I hate to dissagree with SD but in this case there is more than one right way, at least for hooks #14 and larger.. Ralph
  15. If it ain't Elk Hair Caddis, I'm lost. Ralph
  16. Yes, paintballing is very much fun! I did it up to about 15 years ago. We didn't play "capture the flag", we played a version of "fox and geese". One guy, the fox, gets a headstart, and from 4 to 10 guys hunt him. If the fox 'paints' everybody, all the geese, he/she wins. If someone 'paints' the fox, the team (geese) wins. I loved playing the fox, I've been called sneaky. We thought our version was more fun than "capture the flag". I'm sorry but my info on a good paint ball gun or other equipment is about 15 years out of date. Have Fun. Ralph
  17. Wait until you realise that all this high school & college education is just Some of the Basics and hopefully, you've learned how to learn. Build the life You need to be on the up-side of the "persuit of happiness". Ralph
  18. I'm not much of a trout fishing person. 90% of my fishing is for Bluegill & Shellcrackers. I want my flies to sink slowly so I use the 1/16 or 5/64 in. beads for size 8 & 10 flies. If they sink too fast the fish I go after won't hit them very often. Ralph
  19. The bladder is a slick plastic similar to the Simms KBS waders I once had. It's some high tech plastic that looks like vinyl. The filler tube looks like a 1/2in. black high pressure hose but must be high tech also because the 30min. epoxy will not stick to it either. Ralph
  20. I have a problem with the junction of the donut shaped floatation bladder and the filler tube. I used 30min. epoxy, let it cure overhight, and the epoxy did not stick to the plastic of either part. Now what? Our budget says fix it. What do I use to bond the filler tube to the bladder? I don't want to use something that will eat either part. Oh, both parts are intact, nothing torn or split. Thanks in advance. Ralph
  21. Ralph Jones

    Way off topic!

    Do you rent(lease) an apartment/house, or are you buying (mortgage) or own (paid for) your home? If you buy a vehicle it's yours to put as much mileage as needed or wanted. Downside, you are Responsible for it. If you lease, you are responsible to the owners,not yourself, for mileage, for one thing, and for whatever else is in the contract. I say buy a vehicle. IMO. Ralph
  22. Seal the wings you use now with Dave's Flexament before tying. Ralph
  23. Ralph Jones

    some gills

    Nice bream. The big mouth bream is, I think, a Green Sunfish. The other, maybe a Pumpkinseed, maybe. I'm not sure. We don't have Pumpkinseeds in my part of Alabama. I think the Tennessee River is as far South as Pumpkinseeds come. Ralph
  24. My Rapala filet knives,one each size 4, 6, 7 1/2, & 9in. hold a fine edge but you can't buy any like them. They've all been here 25 years or more. Rapala must have changed to a cheaper steel since I bought these. I touch up the edge every couple of times I use one with a fine ceramic stick.Barney, a friend of mine has a Kershaw. I sharpen it for him and it is a tiny bit harder to sharpen than my old Rapalas. Ralph
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