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  1. I'm fairly new around here although I've lurked here for awhile. I've flyfished for 28 years and have tied for about 17. I now live in Lancaster, PA. I used to live close to the Yellow Breeches and Letort and fished them around 3 times aweek. Now for the Quasi commercial part which I hope is appropriate. The company I work for ownes a guest ranch in Moran, Wyoming which is in Jackson Hole. I really do not have anything to do with the ranch as it's not one of the projects I am responsible for. Anyway, I was just handed a copy of their rate card for the 2005 season and if anyone would like more info, I would be happy to send it. The prices seem to be really good in my opinion. Their web site is Turpin Meadow Ranch. I did get to visit the ranch this past Sept and fished the Firehole (~1 hour away), the Wind in Dubois (~1 hr away) and Blacktail ponds (trib of the Snake, ~1/2 hour away. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I'm looking for recomendations on a scud pattern. Even better would be best color and size for Central PA limestones, particularly the LeTort. Thanks, Jeff
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