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  1. mikey99


    Caught anything on them yet?
  2. Box shipped out today, USPS tracking # 9405510200793407667063 Good stuff guys :headbang:
  3. Got the box today, will send back out on Monday or Tuesdayto Trouttraveler in MI :headbang:
  4. Looking good. Did you add any weight to the fly, or does it ride on the surface?
  5. Sweet flies. Are you packing the hair for the whole fly, or a combo of spin and pack? Also, how do you normally put the rubber legs on?
  6. Sounds like a plan. I have a lot of flies I've tied up that I don't use lately
  7. I'd like to be in, if you need more people.
  8. I'm in... Still catching stripers and blues, but I can do some tying too...
  9. Let's see some pics once they are all in!
  10. I think we need to rethink the Altoid container thing... I have hosted 3 swaps, and about half of the Altoid containers have come in crushed
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